June 07, 2014

And the winner is .....

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for all your lovely comments both about the holiday snaps and the new FF card.  It seems that many of you like blue.

But there can only be one winner of this particular card and that is you .....  

Thelma Welch 

I need you to send me your postal address as soon as you can so that I can get the card in the post to you straight away.  Email me  ...   christina@card-making-magic.com 

You will have  48 hours to claim it so please do so as the last card was not claimed,  and it is such a shame when other people would like to win it too.    

Some Answers ...

In the comments was one  from  Ann  Lauzon and she  asked me about a tutorial that I did  on how to make your images look as if  part of it is outside the die that you have used.

It is on the Spectrum Noir Blog page and here is the link for you  ... Thinking Outside the Box   the video is further down the page so scroll and you will find it.  I hope that is the one you meant.

To Marilyn who travels two hours to go to a card class at JGD Crafts each week   ... I will be there on September 13th as Janet has invited me down to do a Spectrum Noir workshop for her ladies and maybe you will be there too.

To the lady who wanted to know how to make the pearl sprays that I have in some of my cards ... there is a video on the way to show you and it will be with you soon.

And to someone else who asked me how do I emboss card  using a die without it cutting out the whole card ... again  a video is on the way to show that technique too.

I was hoping to get them done this week but to be honest although my blog posts have been going out regularly I have been quite poorly this week with a really bad chest infection.

But once I get back to speed all these things will be with you and I will of course add them to the blog once they are done

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christina,
    So sorry to hear you have been unwell, hope you will be better soon.
    Congratulations to Thema on winning your lovely card.

  2. Oh so sorry to hear you have not been well Christina, hope you are well on the mend now..will pray for you.....I look forward to seeing your videos when they appear, you make them so easy to understand....thanks a million...also congrats to Thelma...lovely card to receive.....luv Ursula xx

  3. Sorry you haven't been well :( But congratulations to Thelma! xx

  4. Good morning Christina,
    First well done Thelma, i know you will love your Christina masterpiece when you get it as they are stunning. Secondly, Christina, i know you want to get back and not disappoint all of us but your health is first. You probably have caught it because you came back to normal (cold wet and raining) from the beautiful weather you were lucky to have on your adventures, so we are here when you are well.
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  5. Get well soon Christina.Stay warm - Blackpool in the rain is no joke! xx

  6. Christina,
    You've been running around a lot the past few weeks, and although it was a holiday, sometimes you need to come home to rest, and that is what you need, rest, and plenty of it. Chest infections are no easy matter, it can linger for weeks...do I sound like a Mother? Nonetheless, you get yourself all better so we can enjoy all your amazing artistic creations and videos. Congrats Thelma.

  7. Congrats to the winner...enjoy Christina's beautiful card.

  8. Congratulations to lucky Thelma Sorry to hear of your bad cold; traveling does seem to have it's consequences, but the reward is worth the risk! Take time to feel better. BethAnn M.

  9. Hi Christina
    Congratulations to Thame on winning a Christina special. Sorry to hear that you are unwell, but it's probably coming back to a damp England after a sunny Italy. Look forward to seeing the new videos.

  10. So sorry you are not feeling well. Must be all that fresh air on holiday? Wink, wink.
    Hope you are feeling better soon & back to your normal routine! Thank you for all your wonderful pictures of France & Italy.

  11. Hi Christina. So sorry you are not well. I hope you will feel better soon. Looking forward to all the new cards and video's.
    Take care. Crafty hugs. Jan. xx

  12. Hi Christina hope you soon feel better ,you are supposed to come back healthy and rested after a holiday.congrats to the winner ,there's always next time.
    Marion H

  13. hello Christina, I hope you will get well soon!

  14. Hi Christina,
    Thank you for sharing the photos of your trip with us. I am sorry to hear that you are not well. Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon. Well done to Thelma for winning the card. Looking forward to the new videos when you feel up to making them. xxx

  15. Hi Christina,
    Thank you for sharing the photos of your trip with us. I am sorry to hear that you are not well. Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon. Well done to Thelma for winning the card. Looking forward to the new videos when you feel up to making them. xxx

  16. Good evening Christina
    Congratulations to Thelma you are in for a wonderful surprise when your card arrives you will have something to treasure.
    So sorry to hear you are not feeling well Christina, please get plenty of rest and get well before doing anything else, we will all be here waiting, your health is of prime importance.
    Do take care of yourself, I trust your film crew has put on his nursing hat!
    Margaret corgi owner

  17. Sorry you're feeling under the weather. Congrats to Thelma on winning your beautiful card.

  18. Get well soon Christina.
    Rene from OZ xo

  19. So sorry you're unwell Christina,big hug! Not fun after coming back from such a lovely holiday.Look after yourself,get well soon. Looking forward to seeing some new videos once you're feeling better.
    Congratulations Thelma!

  20. sorry to hear you are unwell.. hope you are feeling better really soon...

  21. Hi Christina,
    So sorry to hear that youare poorly but hope you'll be better very soon.
    Congratulations to Thelma on winning your beautiful card....lucky lady!

    Love Sheila xx

  22. Hi Christina sorry your feeling unwell but hope you have a speedy recovery
    Congratulations Thelma on winning a beautiful card....so lucky.
    Hugs Lynda xx


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