June 25, 2014

Those Babies ...

Hi Everybody,

The other day I added a photo of Baby Bow from Mo's digital Pencil and I gave the color list of the Spectrum Noir Pens used for the pink baby.   I   had several emails  asking if I would list  the colors of the other babies  too and so here  they are

Lilac Baby colors used ...

Skin FS2  FS4  FS5 ... gives a nice peaches and cream skin tone
Hair GB1 GB8  Pencils 086
Tutu  LV1 PL1 PL2

Yellow Baby colors used ...

Skin FS2  FS4   FS5
Hair Pencils 086  090  100  102
Tutu  CT2 CT3 CT4 OR1

Blue Baby colors used ...

Skin FS2  FS4   FS5
Hair GB1  GB8  Pencils  086  090
Tutu  TB1 TB3   Pencils   069  070  074

Pink Baby colors used ...

Skin FS2  FS4  FS5
Hair TN7  TN8  EB8
Tutu   PP1  PP3  PP4

Hope that helps you

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. They are all so very cute! Please tell me why you sometimes use pencils along with your spectrum noir pens. I am new to the spectrum noir and the entire coloring world.

  2. oh wow wow wow all over again. they are awesome

  3. How lovely your cards are Christina, a different color and it makes a totally different card .beautiful coloring i might add, i am still waiting for my Noir to arrive but will have a good play when they do
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  4. Hi Christina,
    Oh how cute and simply gorgeous they all are... a bevy of cuteness! Love them all and many thanks for letting us know the colours.

    Love Sheila xx

  5. How cute are they ,love the colouring ,which ive said before
    is my downfall.
    Marion H

  6. Morning Christina,
    Wonderful colouring and a very cute image.

  7. They very nice love them, unfortunately my spectrum noirs are drying up have the whole set so dont think i will replace cost to much i have 9 at moment and ink for them bit costly xx

  8. Good morning Christina,
    The lovely point about your beautiful quartet is that you can actually imagine and see real life tots doing this and your 4 look so realistic and cute. Thank you Christina as they are all adorable,
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  9. Simply gorgeous cards as always beautiful design and full of lots of lovely details x

  10. Ah they are so cute, wish I could colour like that.....luv Ursula xx

  11. Lovely cards and your coloring is awesome...I wish I could color like you do...
    I'm still practicing with my Spectrum Noir markers...
    Thanks for the color char that you used....
    Well done Christina

  12. Hi Christina
    So pleased you have not asked us to choose a favourite they are all adorable and just as Norah McPhee says you can imagine these in true life!
    Margaret corgi owner

  13. Thanks for sharing as I for one, find it very helpful, as sometimes ... I really do not know where to start! Colouring was never my thing, I was always a plain old pencil drawing girl, always just black and white! Thanks to you though, my colouring has improved no end and now when I complete an image, I am much more confident that it actually looks good! I don't always stick to the colours you have used any more but am gaining more confidence, to be able to choose other colours! So Thanks Christina, you will never know just how much you help people like myself!
    Hugs, Karen xx

  14. Good afternoon Christina, thank you so much for the other colour ways.
    I for one will use them. Hopeless at colouring but will give it a go now I have the details.
    Enjoy the rest if the day

    Patricia xx

  15. Too cute for words. Thanks for sharing.

  16. All those babies are supper cute. Thanks for the colour list. Dianne

  17. Such perfect colouring Christina. Thanks for sharing. Pat

  18. Christina, these four cards are just adorable. Thanks for listing all the colours that you used. I for one, find this very useful. I also love Mo's digitals. Hope you are feeling better. Sue.

  19. Hi Christina they are soooo sweet they are all beautiful colours couldn't choose
    Hugs Lynda Brock xx

  20. Christina these Four cards are lovely


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