June 04, 2014

Peschiari Market (Day 5)

Hi Everybody,

This morning was a trip to the  market and we took the local bus to Peschiari.

There was a lot of leather goods and I bought myself a belt and a credit card wallet.

But right at the end of the market ... as we made our way back to the bus ... I spotted this fabulous leather bag.

It is quite large and the smaller one fits inside the larger one as liner to hold purse,  phone and personal items.  On the way home I used the larger one to carry tickets, passports and a magazine as well as water for the journey.  So it was a really good buy at 20 Euros ... and it is reversible too.    Another  medal for Louise our tour manager 

Now the rest of the day was supposed to be free but things kind of escalated in the bar last night ...  Let me explain ...

Griff and I took a walk into town before dinner and on the way back he said  "I would love to hire one of those speed boats for a couple of hours"    so we asked the prices ... which were very good and no license was needed ...  so we said we would think about it some more.

We mentioned it over dinner and Louise and Christine ... that we shared a table with  ... seemed very taken with the idea and said "Count us in too"

The next day we were telling  other people  about the plan and two more wanted to come with us ... so Griff was boasting that he was going out in a boat with  "five birds"   and here we are.

We hired the boat for two hours and we  had a ball and got wet as the lake was very choppy that day as you can tell from the photo.

So the two at the front ... Louise and Debbie ... did most of the steering and we didn't really have a plan ... but the direction we went depended on who was steering.

If Louise was in control then we went round in a big figure eight .... and if it was Debbie we went in a zig-zag line.

The boat is fitted with radar so that if we broke down they would be able to find us on the lake but if they had been charting our progress on that lake they would be saying 
"Where on earth are they going now"  and we giggled the whole time we were out there.

Griff sat up front like the lord of the manor and did not get wet once !!!!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. I am so envious of your wonderful deal on a bag..and at such a great price! Good job!
    I'm also enjoying your trip immensely. You make me feel like I'm almost there with you. Thank you for all of the wonderful descriptions.

  2. Always more fun when it's not planned. Glad you're having a wonderful time.

  3. Sorry been off line for a while, so in fora the catch up, first where are you on your tour and where peschiaci markets? I know it's a long way from down under , but we are going to tour next year so will like to know? You seem to be having a wonderful time
    Regards Wendy

  4. Morning Christine,
    You bag looks lovely, leather goods in Italy are so good and cheap too. Looks like you had great fun on the speedboat.

  5. Well i am so glad you got a bag it is every gals dream ! { Well mine anyway lol i just cant not resist a leather bag }
    So pleased you are still enjoying your Hols
    Elaine H X

  6. Love the story of the speed boat. Sounded like fun.

  7. Hi Christina,
    What a fabulous bag and such a bargain too! Love the story of '5 birds and i man in a boat!' Lol! Great photo and you all look like you're having a wonderful time.

    Love Sheila xx

  8. You certainly look like you are all having a good time. X

  9. Super bag Christina! The boat trip sounds like a real hoot so pleased you all got back safe.
    Margaret corgi owner

  10. Well done, Lord Griff! Well, it was his idea, wasn't it? Nothing like a boat ride for fun! BethAnn M.

  11. Sounds like a good fun day was had by all Christina, BUT ..... I would have made sure that Griff had got splashed at least once or twice! lol! Hugs, Karen xx

  12. Hi Christina
    Looks like you are having a ball in Lake Garda. Enjoy.

  13. Love the look and idea of your leather bag. Glad the speedboat turned out to be fun for all. Dianne

  14. Oh my gosh Christina what a fun time you had. I would love the boat ride, love the water and boats.

  15. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us all, it's great to see places we might not otherwise see :)

    Creative Em

  16. So glad to read you're having such a great time in my country, Christina!! :D
    Hugs from Italy. Ciao

  17. Lovely bag you bought Christina! What fun you're having on this holiday,lots of fun for us too to see where you've been and what you've been up to!

  18. Wow what a bargain you "bagged" pun intended. Looks like you all had a ball, have to wait for September for ours. Look forward to tomorrow's installment.

  19. That looks fun - clever Griff staying dry! Pat x

  20. Fab buy for you Christina, what no embellishments found in the market !!!! I am sure you all had a great time on the speed boat, something quite unplanned and so enjoyed, makes a holiday......luv Ursula xx

  21. haha so funny i cant stop smiling if they realy followed your moves they must have thinked: stupid tourist lol

  22. Sounds like you had great time, I get sea sick so I would have had to opt out of that plan

  23. Christina,
    What fun you had shopping...what fun Griff had with his harem.


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