December 27, 2014

Made for me by Gracie and Margaret

Hi Everybody,

I have a little tutorial going "Live" today on the   Spellbinders Blog   so I hope you will pop over and take a look ... click the link on their page to expand the tutorial

Before the end of the year is with us I wanted to show you two more cards that have been made and sent to me by my readers.

All these cards are so special and I really do appreciate the time and care taken to make them for me.

The largest one in this photo was made by Grace and she is a lady who lives opposite me.  It is very pretty in silver and white.

It is layered with silver paper and a lovely silver bow has been added.

The smaller cards is a beautiful hand painted picture of Grasmere Church

It came to me with a little note to say that this water colour ... painted by Margaret ... was sent to me because Margaret doesn't feel that any of her cards are good enough.

I think it is beautiful and I have taken it from the card Margaret and I have a silver frame that I am going to add it too

It will be a permanent reminder that although we have never met you took the time to paint this and send it to me and I thank you very much.

And as final note to this post can I say to all you cardmakers out there in the world .... NEVER ever under estimate your own work ... it is all wonderful .

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. they are both beautiful cards. you must have a big collection this year. i will send one from australia next year for you as you have inspired me so much. i now have my 76 year old sister following your sites too and she loves you also. all the best wishes for 2015. xx

  2. That is a beautiful water colour by Margaret!! I love it! I can understand how she feels, I don't think much of my cards...but I keep trying! It's fun and I get better each time I make one! Margaret should be proud of her art!!

  3. Two lovely cards, and Margaret must be a very talented lady to be able to paint like this.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens(Liverpool).

  4. Morning Christina,
    Two lovely cards.

  5. Two beautiful cards for you Christina , I sometimes think my cards are not that good but they are made and sent with love ,and the recipient knows and treasures this .

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. Two more beautiful cards, one very happy reciprient .
    X Ros

  7. Hope you had a good Christmas Christina.
    These cards are lovely.
    Margaret, you are very talented!!

  8. Hi Christina.
    So much talent around. I love Gracie's card. I wonder where the sentiment came from. Margaret's card is stunning. Such a talented lady is Margaret, and I bet your cards are just as good Margaret.

  9. Good Morning Christina. Ooooo and Ahhhhh! Each card is beautiful on their own! They are totally different styles. And isn't that what's great about them. Variety is the spice of life. You are sooooo loved Christina and that's awesome! Enjoy your day.

  10. Isn't it nice to receive cards that you know were made from the heart? That's my philosophy. The water color is amazing.

  11. Wish I could paint as well as Margaret - I can't draw a straight line! Love the cards, what talented ladies they both are. Pat x

  12. Two very nice's really nice that they thought of you during this Christmas season....
    Christina you touch a lot of people with your cards....hug

  13. Hi Christina, These cards are both beautiful, the watercolour card must have taken Margaret so long to do, but it is a 'work of art', and obviously made with love, Gracie's card is also very beautiful, I recognise the gorgeous dies she has used. Both cards are stunning, and very gratefully received by you.
    I am always so grateful to receive a handmade card, as I know how much time and effort and love has gone into the making of it, and I treasure it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Both cards are lovely and please tell Margaret that she is very talented! Off to see your tutorial now.

  15. Beautiful cards from Grace and Margaret and Margaret that is true talent, your card is beautiful. Also, loved your yellow and white card on Spellbinders blog Christina it was lovely.

  16. Lovely cards, I am happy to see the hand made cards you receive. If I am lucky I receive 4 handmade cards at Christmas (only 2 this year). Gracie's card is very Christmassy and pretty. Margaret's card reminds me of water coloured painting of old churches and inns in this area, love it. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work on your cards ladies. Dianne

  17. Thank you for sharing the two beautiful cards Christina; You help so many with the inspiration you give and from all your followers whose work you also share with us. A very big thank you. hugs, Diana

  18. Christina,
    Beautiful cards, you can definitely see the love the ladies have in there heart. I too agree with your statement. I know at times, we are most critical of ourselves, but it's not about how others see our work, but how it makes us feel when we are doing it. Crafters create from the heart, we smile when we finish, and feel good when our creations bring a smile to the recipients, and that, is our give a little beauty and happiness to the world.

  19. Watercolours are so hard to master, so Margaret should be proud of herself and the card by Grace is very pretty.

  20. !WOW! Both cards are so beautifulxx

  21. Lovely cards both of them! The watercolour card is beautiful,Margaret is very talented indeed.Love Ann.x

  22. Beautiful cards Christina. wish I could paint like Margaret, it's lovely! Both very nice
    Hope you having a nice weekend,
    Maria x

  23. Two really lovely cards Christina Margaret should take all the compliments that have been paid here she is one very talented lady if only I could paint like that! I know Grasmere very well and this painting is wonderful. really it is and I know you will treasure it Christina.
    Margaret corgi owner

  24. Lovely cards that you have shared Christina. The ladies are talented, I love Margaret's painted card x x x


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