December 18, 2014

A Gilded Life ...

Hi Everybody,

This is a complete change for me and working with these bezels is something I have never done before I went on my trip to Spellbinders in Phoenix

We did a workshop with Stacey and these are what I made.

Now I know there are experts out there who will think they don't hit the mark ... but this is my first attempt and I was quite pleased.

They are the Chandelier and Heart  Bezels from Spellbinders   A Gilded Life  collection and I have added the link so that you can view some of the other products that are available.

The jewellery that can be made is fabulous and with practise you can make it too.... and better than I have done.

I added in some of the self adhesive strips from Want2Scrap  to add a little more adornment to my pieces and maybe I will wear one on Create and Craft today.

News Extra 

I am sorry to tell you that the Spellbinders shows lined up for TV over today and tomorrow have been taken off Create and Craft because  they have sold out of the Teal Grand Calibur ...

You have been busy treating yourselves to Christmas presents  and you have bought them out and  now there have no more  in stock at present ....

 Disappointed ???  Yes ... me too !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Loving your creations Christina tis no wonder you are proud of them ,i would be too well done .
    So sorry to hear about the cancellation, it seems a bit stupid to me i could understand it if all the dies had sold out , but the grand callibur ? come on C&C it is only a different color after all, well i am so disappointed what a let down for you and us your followers , i have so been looking forward to your shows Christina and i just know you would have worked so hard with your prepping and samples too.

    You just put your feet up and have a restful day if you can { me i would be fuming } what am i saying i AM fuming .
    Rant Over .

    Take Care Christina
    Elaine H X

  2. Morning Christina,
    Very pretty. Sad about your shows being cancelled.

  3. The Jewelry you have shown us is lovely. I just popped over to C and C to see what time your shows were today. When I saw nothing, I came here. Disappointment, yes. Now we will have to wait until next year to see Christina on C and C.

    I am waiting to see if you are going to post anything with Spellbinders A Gilded Life Beacon Street Chapel. I know you don't do 3 D items but I love the die and also all the projects I have seen with it so far. I was hoping to get it before Christmas to make up some holiday presents but I can't find it for sale yet here in the US.

  4. Aww, was looking forward to seeing your demos. Hope they paid your expenses.

  5. Sorry we won't be seeing you today after all Christina. Pretty bezels. Pat x

  6. Hi Christina, so disappointed no shows, but then we still have today's card, so that is lovely. A Very Happy Christmas to you and your family. xx

  7. Good Morning Christina. As there is a 5 hour time difference between Gaylord, Michigan and the UK, I was up till 2:30 a.m. last night trying to find you and your shows so I could try and catch some. C & C didn't have you listed. Major bummer… ! I'm so sorry. However, I did discover they now have a C & C on the Internet in the States! Don't know how long it's been there, don't know any more details, but I spent a good amount of time perusing. I felt your presence in spirit! I hope you find this day filled with Joy!

  8. Hi Christina, so disappointed your shows have been cancelled, was so looking forward to them. Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Will look forward to your Spellbinders shows next year. Meantime we still have you on your blog, lucky us.
    Take care.

  9. Hi Christina
    Love the bezels. Sorry your shows have been cancelled. I'm sure you'll find alternative ways to fill your time.
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  10. Your pendant turned out so nice...a new adventure is always nice to try it out
    So sorry that your show was cancelled...I had it on my calendar so I wouldn't miss it but I guess I won't be seeing it....Have a great day Christina and relax

  11. Hi Christine
    Just love your jewellery and they look perfect to me. Wish I had just a tiny bit of your talent and I would be so happy. What a shame your shows were cancelled. I to am waiting for my Teal Grand Caliber. My older one had a manufacturing fault according to Karen Haas as it was dropping oil on my plates and work. And the casing was cracked.

  12. Oh so sorry about the cancellation of your show, did they let you know before you set off for the studio, how frustrating after all the work you put someone said, it is only a change of colour calibur, you could have still shown us the dies surely....never mind. I do like what you have done here tho', I bet you have had a great play with them...they are superb....luv Ursula xx

  13. Seeing you on the big screen next year is something to look forward to. Happy Christmas to you, enjoy with your family. Diana

  14. Hi Christina. Wow these are lovely, well done. Oh, what a nuisance, no shows. Still it meant a day off for you. I hope you spent it crafting,lol. Have a great week end. Hugs. Jan. xx

  15. Brilliant work as usual Christina.
    You poor thing, that C and C news must be so deflating for you. I feel like screaming on your behalf, honest I really do! I think I could even manage to say some 'strong emergency' words as well!!
    Never mind, chin up and all that!

    Love Mary Mac x

  16. Your bezels are well done. I have never heard of this before. Sorry your show was cancelled. Dianne

  17. Disappointing for the cancellation but I really like the bezels. I would be very interested in seeing how they were done (hint, hint :) ). Hope you and your family have a safe and happy Christmas. Down under we're expecting the temp in the 30's (C) and bouts of thunder and lightning yay...

  18. Hi Christina, well aren't you clever. The jewellery looks really good, I wouldn't have known they were your first attempt, well done, you :). Well, I can understand why the new colour Grand Caliber sold out as it's quite unusual isn't it. I think that it's much nicer than the other two colours and if I were looking for a new die cutter I would have loved to get one. I already have an A4 die cutter though and think if I do ever get another one I may go for the Big Shot (shame on you I hear you cry lol). x

  19. Christina,
    I am so very disappointed, I was looking forward to seeing you. Well, maybe you can a video for us instead. I think your first attempt is well done, and as you stated, with practice, perfection.

  20. Sorry your shows were cancelled! Such a let down! Love the new teal Grand Calibur and one should be on it's way to me soon along with an amazing assortment of the new dies! I am beside myself with excitement!
    Your bezels are beautiful and I wouldn't have guessed that they are your first attempt!! If you could bottle up and sell your talent you would be a billionaire in short order!! TFS!


  21. Hi Christina,
    I love the bezels, I haven't done this either, are these metal or chipboard?

  22. Oh, these are beautiful. Wonderful job.

  23. Great first attempt Christina, I have never ventured with the bezels - they look great - re your shows I found myself scouring through the programs on C&C & could not find them anywhere I was really looking forward to them, hopefully it won't be too long before we see you on our screens again x x x


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