December 29, 2014

My gift ...

Hi Everybody,

I had to show you this beautiful gift that my Grand-daughters give to me on Christmas Day

I was not allowed to open it until they where both with me and I was so touched by this lovely gift.

It is not a card but a large picture frame and it is created by Emma Ogden

She can be found on Facebook at Made by Emma Ogden

They had it specially made and have added all our family names to it.

This includes my husband Griff, my two daughters Amanda and Victoria, two grand-daughters Ashleigh and Robyn, one grandson Jamie and one great grand-daughter Isabella.

And I love it xx

This is Isabella playing with some of her gifts at my house.

Both of my daughters are in the photo and the one bending down is grand mother to Isabella.

We had a lovely time playing with her  and the keyboard was so much fun.

And I had quite forgotten how much mess one little girl can make ripping open presents.  She couldn't wait to get to the next one ... kids !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. What a beautiful present. One you can treasure always xx

  2. Hi Christina
    Looks like you had a great time. What a lovely gift. That's a great keepsake. Enjoy the rest of the hols
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  3. Such a beautiful and very personal present, something for you to treasure and I am sure you will. Christmas is all about children, wonderful you were able to share with your special family.
    Margaret corgi owner

  4. Morning Christina,
    A love keepsake.

  5. Such a lovely gift and keepsake to treasure Christina .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi, Christina, what a great card from your grandchildren, it is so good for them to know they are part of a bigger family. Enjoy them as we all know how quickly they grow up.
    X Ros

  7. A beautiful personal family gift to be treasured forever
    Have a wonderful day

    Patricia x

  8. Such a wonderful plaque of everyone names and a keepsake.
    Glad you had family with you during Christmas
    Thank you for sharing

  9. Such a thoughtful and personal gift for you! Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. We wish you all the best in the New Year!

  10. Hi Christina what a wonderful present. I was lucky to have my seven grandchildren and parents at our house on Christmas morning ages ranging from eldest grandson 20 to youngest grandson aged 1. It was hard work buying and wrapping all the presents, but it was lovely seeing all the family together. I will always treasure that happy day.
    Kind regards.
    Anne Owens.

  11. Good Morning Christina. Ohhhhhhh what a treasure! All the love you put into the world comes back to you ten fold. Thank you sooooo much for sharing. You are a Grand Lady. Enjoy this beautiful day.

  12. How beautiful. What a perfect gift.

  13. A beautiful gift and very thoughtful to design and remember all the family in a card.

  14. Oh Christine, such a magnificent and priceless gift from your family. I suspect it will bring a smile to your heart on good days; on less good days, it will send you hugs and bathe you in warm loving rays. Thank God for families.
    Mary X

  15. Christina,
    What a wonderful gift, a family tree in a heart, how lovely. What a joy it is to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. The photo reminds me of the movie Big.

  16. What a lovely keepsake from the grand children.
    Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that the
    New Year will be the same. Take care
    Maria x

  17. A wonderful gift for you Christina, what a lovely idea. Christmas is a time for children and we enjoy ourselves through them don't we? Pat x

  18. So pleased you had such a happy time Christina, you deserve it. Diana x

  19. Wow how cute is this. A keepsake to cherish!

  20. Hi Christina,
    how special is that picture, such a lovely thought.
    Di B x

  21. A lovely special gift for you Christina, something to definitely treasure x x x.


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