May 02, 2015

Isabellas' House - Pt 2

Hi Everybody,

Today Isabella is going to see her house for the first time and I am hoping to film her reaction. Many of you have said that you would like to see it too and so I will be adding it to a blog post to share with you.  I can't wait to see her and although it is raining now it won't stop the fun.

When I finished the story last we had painted and built the house where it needed to be in the garden and Vickie and I had dressed it ... just a little !!

This is what it looked like but the ground underneath had not been finished.

The black matting was just to stop the weeds from growing through and needed to be covered.

Vickie had ordered some black rubber chippings
which are especially for children to play in as it is soft safe and clean.

So we got busy and spread them over the garden and Griff was the one doing the shovelling of the chips into  the wheel barrow
The wooden edging will keep them in place and really finish off the whole area.

This is one really special playground for a three year old to call her own.

And there is room under the house for her car to live too.

We have added in a large wind spinner to the right of the steps and frog wind chime hanging from the top of the house.

There are little woodland creatures in the window boxes along with more windmills.

The bunting is in place on the outside and it looks absolutely wonderful ... I could play in there myself !!

The bunting is inside the house too as Isabella thinks that bunting means "Party"  

The box under the table is full of garden toys for us all to play with her and Vickie has bought a watering can, garden gloves and some little tools

There is also have a green carpet to be placed back inside once the rain stops

I think this whole project has been amazing and in the space of a week we have totally transformed this little house

So let the fun begin and Isabella is going to be one very happy little girl and Nana Vickie (my daughter) and Great Gran (me) will be happy big girls too

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Thanks so much Christina for sharing some more great pictures. She is absolutely going to love it. I would love to have this masterpiece in my backyard. Looking forward to the video.

  2. Hi Christina. Oh, how I wish I was there with you all. I bet you all have a wonderful time. I think all the decorations are just right!! I am already smiling in anticipation!! Looking forward to the video. Thank you for sharing. Hugs. Jan. xx

  3. It turned out adorable! Good job!

  4. Lucky girls, all of you. It looks fantastic.
    Janice W

  5. What a lovely house. I remember my husband building a house for our two girls when they were about two and a half and five years old. He also built a table and two chairs, and the girls spent many happy hours in there. Hope your granddaughter gets as much out of her house as they did theirs.

    Margaret xxx

  6. what a lovely play house, can't wait to see pics of her reaction
    have fun hugs Lyn xxx

  7. Hope you all enjoy the new House in the Garden, I am sure you will.

  8. Absolutely adorable! She will never want to leave....:) It looks fabulous and I am sure she will just love it! How fun and so special!
    Sherrie K

  9. Ah what a little place in paradise for a little girl, I bet she won't know where to look first. You have all done amazingly well to create this all in a week, you must feel like little girls yourselves again after this especially when she sees it fir the first time, her face will be a picture, look forward to seeing the video...luv Ursula xx

  10. Wow…. Can life get any better for a three year old????? This is better than Disney World!! You all have done an Awesome and Outstanding Job…. Just Wonderful!!! Well done all of you! When you see Precious Isabella's happy little face, it will all have been worth it . Thank you sooooo much for sharing all the joy. Can't wait to see her reaction. Big Hugs.

  11. How gorgeous is that. She can't but absolutely adore it

  12. Morning Christina,
    A lovely playhouse for a little girl, love hoe you have dressed it up. Gorgeous.

  13. WOW ! Fantastic Christina i would love to see her face when she sees her house, you must try to get it all on camera ,your granddaughter has many happy days ahead to play in this wonderful magical house......

    So sorry i did not comment yesterday ,{ i was so excited to win your card and send you my address that i completely forgot }

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  14. Hi Christina, Wow how beautiful the house is ,I am sure their are going to be many happy girls (young and old)today !Enjoy this special day and do let us know please her reaction!Take care Jane B.


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