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May 03, 2015

Isabellas' House - Pt 3

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday was really special when Isabella came to her Nana Vickies house to stay and saw her Playhouse for the first time.

She was completely overwhelmed and although the smile was wide she was speechless for a long time as she simply looked from the house to all of us

Vickie was telling her that we had all made this and that Pops (Griff) had built it

She whispered to her Nana "Is it for me ..."

This was the moment  she touched the bunting  and straightened out the piece that the wind had blown crooked

She was totally enthralled by it all and wandered around it touching and looking at everything that was in there

She climbed the steps to sit inside on her bright pink chair

And as she looked at the bunting she said ... "Look Nana it's a party house"

It is the perfect size for a three year old and I know that she will play in there such a lot

It was raining and even though we all  got soaked  she did not want to come inside

In the house there are other garden toys and here Vickie and Isabella are playing Golf

Every child  would love a Nana like my daughter, she is so much fun to be around and Isabella loves going to her Nana Vickies

In the end we had no choice and had to go indoors and get dry

There where more surprises for her in her bedroom which is of course pink and girly

And for the next few hours we played in there with her.

Nana Vickie tidied her hair once it was dry and this is one very happy little girl

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Oh my goodness she is one very lucky little girl to have such a beautiful and talented family, I wish I was her age

  2. So glad you had such a lovely day- despite the rain. What a beautiful little girl - happy memories to last a life time xxxxx

  3. thank you so much for sharing this day with us all. she is a beautiful little girl and she really loves her house. you all did a wonderful job and made a little girl very happy.

  4. Hi Christina
    Isabella is one lucky girl. To have a Nana that has made all this possible is fantastic. Isabella sue looks happy.

  5. One very lucky little girl Christina. It all looks so adorable.

  6. What lovely family fun and love I think the big girls were a thrilled as the new little house owner, wishing you all very happy play days in Isobellas palace

  7. Good Morning Christina :) Ohhhhhhhh how precious!!! The look on her face is priceless!!! I am sooooo happy for Isabella and all of you!! This is Awesome!! What a beautiful, beautiful family you have Christina. I know you cherish each and every one of them. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of joy. Have a wonderful day. You made mine perfect!

  8. What an adorable and lucky girl Christina.
    You all did a greet job,the treehouse is wonderful.

  9. Hi Christina,wonderful photos, it's all turned out amazing. I can imagine the fun she's going to have in her playhouse. What a young nana Isabella has got.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens x

  10. She's one lucky litle girl and her face says it such a sweetie...


  11. She is a real girly girl, all in pink. That smile says it all.
    Janice W

  12. Beautiful, one very happy little girl.

  13. Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us Christina, it brought a tear to my eyes to read and see your photo's of Isabella looking on at what must be a magical moment .
    Elaine H X

  14. Hi Christina
    The play house turned out lovely. Isabella will spend lots of happy times playing in there. Yous did a great job. Isabella will remember that day forever.
    Joan from Newcastle

  15. Thank you for sharing this special moment with us!! I would love to have a playhouse like this for my 3 year old granddaughter and 10 and 7 year old grandsons. They would have a blast!! Will have to get on hubby to make it for them!

  16. Christina, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures.
    There is no better feeling than the excitement when a child is so happy.
    Something Isobella will always remember. Of course everyone else will as well.
    Patricia x

  17. You have such a beautiful and sweet great-granddaughter. Of course, I love the playhouse and area, but I also love the bedroom your daughter's created for Isabella..especially the butterflies on the shade and bed. There is no doubt that was created with a special little girl in mind.

  18. Hi Christina, Isabella's face says it very surprised and happy little girl, priceless!! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics. Janelle x

  19. Isbella is a beautiful little girl...
    I'm sure she will have many happy hours in her playhouse...
    My grand-daughter Molly has a playhouse not a fancy as Isbella but Molly spends a lot of time in hers.......tfs

  20. Hi Christina
    I'm glad the day went so well. One look at Isabella's face tells it all. She's so overawed and delighted at the same time. She's adorable and no wonder you love spending time with her. Thanks for sharing special family time with us.
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  21. I have been following this with interest and can just feel the awe and wonder it inspired. What a pretty little girl and looks like shes the type to appreciate all the hard work.

  22. Hi Christina, A very happy beautiful little girl a delight to see her happiness and appreciation!thanks for sharing Christina.Take care Jane B.

  23. Omg, look at her face! She is thrilled and this is so sweet:) I am sure she is going to remember this day for life! What a wonderful playhouse for her~a dream house for any little girl!
    Sherrie K

  24. Hi Christina, what can I say, that beautiful smile says it all Bless her.
    Regards Liz.


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