September 26, 2015

Todays Card Winner

Hi Everybody,

This is a gorgeous day here in the North West of UK and the sun is shining overhead. We are going to go for a wander around Lytham  this afternoon and maybe stop and have a coffee and people watch for a little while.

We have done the draw for the yellow card on offer this week and the winner is ...

Daksha Suchak 
if you would send me your address please to
the card will be in the post to you straight away.
You have 48 hours in which to claim it and I hope you will like it when it arrives with you

Now here's an offer for you.  

Many of your seemed to like the idea with the beads that I featured in the    "What's Cooking"  story from the other day.   If you haven't seen it then click the link to see what I am referring too. 

These beads are from Ikea and are made for children and so are not toxic and when baked in your oven there is very little smell and I have made hundreds of them and put them in a little container for me to add them to my cards.

But never in a month of Sundays am I ever going to use all of them and so last night I sat and scooped them into small pockets and I am willing to share them with you.

There are about 200 in each pack and if you would like some then email me with your postal address at the above email address and I will send you one of the packs.

I have 25 of them to give away but you will have to do your own baking of them.  They are an inexpensive way to add decoration to your designs.

I must stress that these are IKEA beads and I cannot vouch for other types of beads that may be toxic and may smell when baking them ... I have only tried it with these. 
I am NOT responsible for your actions with these or any other type of beads. 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winner!! I hope will enjoy and treasure this Beautiful Christina Card for a long time. Yay You!!

    Good Morning Christina on this bright sunny glorious day! I'm glad you're getting out for awhile to enjoy that sunshine! Have a lovely day. Big Hugs.

  2. How wonderful!! I just sent you an email. Thanks so much for your generosity!! Congratulations to Daksha on winning the lovely yellow card! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Christina. Aren't you kind sharing your beads. I did try your idea with beads I had in my stash but they just went brown and yes they did give off an awful smell.
    Enjoy youvtrip out.
    Love Val in Spainx

  4. Well done to your card winner Daksha, enjoy !

  5. Hi Christina. Wow, such a lovely thing to do. I hope I am lucky.Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs. Jan. x

  6. Christina, I had not read your posting on baking these, ingenious!!! I LOVE to take something and repurpose it, especially for card-making...

    I live in Canada, it may be too far to send a packet of these beads, and I totally understand if it is, I just love the idea as it is... I lived in Manchester back in the 80's for a year, I had a scholarship to study at the Royal Northern College of Music, I had started a doctorate in the US and took a year off and went to England. How I LOVED it there and could have happily stayed!!! Thanks for all that I learn from you. I'm a card-maker who would love to start my own blog, I have some health issues that keep me from making nearly as many cards as I'd like but hopefully at some point I will start my own little blog. I do have a tiny gallery on SCS under the name 905lovestostamp. My goal is to make more cards and this year due to health issues I've made one, in March, it's the last card on my gallery. But in the last few days I've been able to make some die-cuts, to shape and paint some flowers like the flowers I made and used on my last few cards there, a little different than I've seen. I'm definitely no artist for sure, but I love playing around--sometimes all I create is a muddy mess, and other times I'm thrilled with what results. No artistic training at all. I've been disabled for 20+ years, card-making has been a sanity for me. I recently was able to buy an electric Cut 'N Boss and that will make die-cutting and using embossing folders SO much easier!!! Just wanted to say that I love your blog and I look forward to reading through it all.

    Best wishes,

    Joanne Lowe

  7. Congratulations Daksha, you will cherish your card.
    The bead idea is wonderful. Shipping to other countries is expensive thus am wondering if I should try the Michaels store. You are one kind person Christina and your friends and neighbors are blessed to have you around. I bet your day was enjoyable walking around , having coffee, and watching people. Have to finish a lunch bag card for our grandson's birthday today. ~blessings, Louise

  8. What a wonderful thing to do by sharing your have a generous heart...
    Thank you Christina...

  9. Enjoy your day off Christina and Griff still sunny here and it's 6.15 in the evening.
    Well done to the winner of Christina's beautiful card.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  10. How kind of you to make such a generous offer to share your beads. I live in the US and the cost of postage would, most likely, be to high to send, but thank you for the idea. We don't have an IKEA so I'll check at Michael's for the plastic beads. I LOVE your blog. Many thanks. Linda

  11. Thanks for the chance Christina. The nearest Ikea for me is about 50 miles away so its fingers crossed time again. Enjoy your card Daksha . xx

  12. Hi Christina, congratulations daksha on winning one of Christina,s lovely cards. And thank you Christina for being so generous xXx

  13. Well done Daksha, enjoy your beautiful Christina card,
    Hi Christina, hope you enjoyed your trip to Lytham, we also had a beautiful day here and it seems there are a few more to come, I am intrigued by these beads and it is kind of you to offer to share them.
    Regards Liz.

  14. How wonderful Christina, we don't have Ikea here in NZ so I guess it will be a case of checking out all the possible stores to find something similar that is not toxic. Thank you for the great idea, its always nice to learn new things.

  15. Congratulations Daksha! I know you are going to love Christian's beautiful card.

    Thank you for the offer of beads, Christina! I will contact you by email if you don't mind sending to the US. I have wanted to try these beads and love that you are sharing, even if you might not be able to mail to the US. You are so giving!

    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Hi Christina - I am actually working on a tub of these beads right now.I first spent hours and hours separating them by color, and cutting about 1/3 of each color in half with Tim Holtz scissors. They take the same amount of time to melt as the whole beads. I read that if the beads are old, they will not melt. I got my beads in the U.S. at Joann Fabric and Crafts, and I think Michaels carries them also. (Be sure to use your coupon!) I have hundreds and hundreds of "enamel" dots, and it was so worth the effort, seeing how much a little card of them costs.

  17. Hi Christina,
    I've sent an email and am hoping I'm one of the lucky 25 to be able to play with your gift before buying a ton of beads. For your followers who don't have an Ikea in their country, look for Hama beads or Perler Beads...they are the same thing so should work okay. We don't have an Ikea down here in Cornwall, I think the closest is in Plymouth...way too far to travel on public transport to pick up a tub :(
    Well done, Daksha for winning the Friday Freebie, you're going to love it when it arrives:)

  18. If anyone tries the beads from Joann's and/or Michaels' please post if they work! I have no clue where an Ikea is but I know there isn't one close to my very rural area of the US. Thanks! Janice

  19. I have seen this done before so would love to give it a go, thanks Christina...luv Ursula xx


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