April 09, 2016

Card Winner Today ...

Hi Everybody,

So at present I am on holiday in Devon taking a short and well earned break. 
All the blog posts over the last few days have been scheduled so hopefully there have been no mishaps on them going out on time.

But the winner has still been drawn and the name this week is you ...

please email me 
with your postal address and as soon as I get home the cards will be posted to you

You have 72 hours in which to claim them and I hope that you will like them when they arrive with you

I have a request for you ... Everyone seems to be happy with the cards that have been shown lately using the older Spellbinders dies simply because you have some of them yourselves and the blog posts are encouraging you to get them out and use them again.

My request is that if you have older dies and would like me to do a video on them then would you please let me know and IF I have them too then I will be happy to oblige.
 One that has already been asked for is Asian Accents and Motifs and that is in the pipeline for the 19th April

Today we are going on Round Robin trip that takes a road, boat and train trip around the Devon coastline and back here to Torquay. The weather has been kind to us so far with no rain but it is cold.

 Yesterday I had to pop into a shop and buy myself a new sweater and some socks as I was so cold and the assistant let me put them on in the changing room before we left the shop .... Aaaaah much warmer!!!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina, hope you have a great time we are in Australia at the moment and my son took us to the ferry (a hovercraft) and we sailed down to Sydney and walked all day but it was very warm and just home now but a great day.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Enjoy your well deserved holiday, I'm sure you will come back full of inspiration and surprises for us
    cheers Kaye

  3. As an old Devonian I am biased but lovely area to visit have a great break both of you. xx I am going to look at some of my old dies as like you said we buy new ones and forget what to do with old ones although I still go through your older and original demos on your blog to give me ideas. Thank you for everything.xxxxx

  4. Hi Christina,
    Congrats to Gingernuts for winning the beautiful flower cards and to you, Christina, welcome to my part of the country. You're only a county away from me right now so the closest I think we'll get to each other...have a wonderful break and recharge those inventive batteries of yours :)
    Bejay xx

  5. Congrats to Gingernuts....I love Devon, but as you say very weather dependant....have a great time anyway...I have loads of old Spellbinders, will have a look through and see what I fancy....
    luv Ursula xx

  6. Hi Christina
    Congrats to the winner. Hope you have a lovely time in Devon. We love it down there & a must to visit is Dartmouth if you haven't already been. Hope the weather continues being kind to you.
    Some more ideas for the Parisian accents and motifs dies would be nice please.
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  7. Hi Mavis! Yay You!! Happy Dance for your Beautiful Cards Win!! I know you will enjoy and treasure them. Enjoy your PERFECT Day.

    Good Morning Christina :) So glad you are getting some well deserved R & R and having a lovely time. Per your request, I have the Parisian Accents and Motifs. That's similar to the Asian one, so I can probably get a similar look. What about the Tapestry die? Wishing you continued safe and fun travels. Enjoy! Big Hugs.

  8. Enjoy your holiday, and please share some photos with us! Yay for the older dies, as I am really enjoying the inspiration. I have a set of the Parisian motif/accent dies which I would love to see you use, but almost any of them can be exchanged for a similar look. Thank you so much for asking us.

  9. hi Christina, glad you are enjoying yourself, just let you know its cold here in Cheshire not far from your neck of the woods, in fact I bet its colder. My request would be Spellbinders Shapeablilities Heirloom Rectangle if you could please. Hugs Jennifer xx

  10. Congrats to the winner....enjoy the cards.
    Christina have a wonderful time and enjoy the time away...

  11. Hi Christina and Film Crew. Hope you are both enjoying your break. I think Devon in one of the nicest counties. Just wish I lived there.
    Have a safe journey home. Hugs. Jan. x

  12. Well done on winning these beautiful cards, have a great break Christina you deserve it. Thanks for all the inspiration. Kind regards Anne Owens xx

  13. Congratulations to the winner. I hope you are enjoying your break.
    Linda xxxx

  14. A wonderful idea. I have the Grand Nestabilities Ii bought on sale. Oval and circle. I look at the largest ones and wonder what to do with them Maybe you will have a suggestion. Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for all you do for us. Marietta

  15. Congratulations to the winner. I am enjoying your old dies. I have an "Ironwork Accent". I think it is an older die.
    So happy for you as you are on vacation. Sounds like a great way to get a new sweater and socks. It was unseasonably warm earlier in the week 91°F. In the 70's. Heading to Pittsburgh area to visit daughter and family soon and they have had cold weather.
    ~blessings , Louise

  16. Hi Christina, have a lovely time away, I went to Torquay last year and it is a lovely part of the country. Have a wonderful time away you deserve it and congrats to Gingernuts X X X

  17. Congrats to Gingernuts......I forgot to comment on Friday, so I wasn't entered for this one but I am at the CKC scrapbooking convention in Collinsville IL......SOOOO many choices!!!

  18. Happy & relaxing holiday to you & Griff! Congratulations to the winner! I would love to see some on fruits & Veggies, i.e. Apples, Pears, Pumpkins, etc. , Shapeabilities. I have them, but have not seen much done with them. Thank you for asking and whatever you decide, I am sure we will all enjoy them! I always do! Hugs Lori


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