October 27, 2016

Autumn Colours

Hi Everybody,

I used to be a real sun fan at one time but as I got older the heat bothers me more and I can no longer sit in it for long.

So these cards are reflecting my love of  Autumn and the beuatiful colours that go with this season

The leaves turning to golds and browns and there seems to be a softness about everything before the winter takes hold.

The first two cards are using the Woodland Leaves and the Acorns  both of which are from the Woodland Collection from Spellbinders

For the top card I have used the Brick pattern and the card to the left I have used the Bark and both these patterns are in one folder.

They both make for an unusual type of backdrop and are especially useful for male cards.

Then with a more feminine touch I have created the card base with Cascading Grace and layered up with some portions of the die cut with foam pads

The flowers and leaves on this card are from Wild Orchid Crafts and there is a hatpin pushed into the display.

The petals have been sparkled with glitter. Then either pearls or enamel dots finish off the cards

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. All lovely but really fell for the white dainty one

  2. These are gorgeous. I am glad you are getting back into flower arrangements. You are brilliant with those.

  3. Morning Christina, three fantastic cards they are all beautiful, although the feminine does sing to me.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Three really lovely cards.


  5. Wow! All of your cards are beautifully crafted. I think my favorite would be the one made with the Cascading Grace set but they all have great appeal.

  6. These cards are gorgeous!
    My favorite is #2 with the brick background :))

  7. I like both these but especially the second - really beautiful.
    Many thanks,
    Sue Mac

  8. 3 lovely cards with all having their own point of difference. Lovely the colour tones used

  9. 3 beautiful cards. Hard to say which I prefer - possibly the brick background. Love the colours xx

  10. Three really outstanding cards, I like you cannot take the heat, like to see the sun, but never to sit in it...I love the autumn colours...luv Ursula xx

  11. Morning, Christina,
    I'm with you, I much prefer autumn to summer. My sister has always been a sun worshiper but I've always preferred to stay 'pale and interesting', well, pale anyway lol. So I love these autumnal cards today, especially the woodland collection one complete with acorns. We had quite thick fog overnight and when I let the dog out all I could see was a faint ghostly orange glow from a forlorn Street light oupside the cattle markethe...don't I live in the classy area lol.
    Bejay, off to turn the heating on xx

  12. Morning Christina

    Such gorgeous cards, especially the last one. Beautiful autumnal colours

    June x

  13. 3 beautiful cards Christina.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  14. Hi Christina
    All three cards are lovely but my favourite is the bottom one using cascading grace. It's beautiful.
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  15. These are gorgeous Christina. Love the beautiful autumnal colours.
    Linda xxx

  16. Good Morning Christina :) Ohhhh what BEAUTIFUL Cards this morning! Love, Love, Love... I have to say, while they are ALL Beautiful, my fave is the last one. I don't do well in the heat either. I love the fall and winter; but, winter here in northern Michigan can last up to 8 months. I only love the snow for two months! We got our first dusting of snow last night... and it's still on the ground. There have been times when we've had snow stay on the ground from October 15th thru the end of May - just before Memorial Day weekend. And other times we have faired a little better. The best thing is to keep the sunshine in your heart all year! Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL Cards this morning. Enjoy your day Dear Lady. Big Hugs.

  17. Hi Christina, 3 lovely cards, but I have to say my favourite is the 3rd one! So very delicate and pretty. I am the same with regards to the sun, I can't stay in it more than a few minutes. I used to be in the sun for hours when younger, wish I could now. Ah well! lol!
    Karen xx

  18. Beautiful cards Christina. Thank you.

  19. I no longer can be in the sun for very long either. Lovely cards.

  20. Beautiful cards, I do prefer the feminine card though.

  21. They are all just Beautiful, I am the same way with the sun anymore, just can't take it for long

  22. Hi Christina these cards are beautiful, I have the Cascading Grace Die did you produce this card just using the dies and no base card and folded and glued along the top, did you put anything on the inside of the card it does look really feminine and pretty.
    Kind regards Anne Owens xx


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