December 04, 2016

Ruby Update ...16 Weeks Old

Hello Everyone,

It's me again today Ruby and I have had such exciting times with my new mum and dad.

I am now three months old and growing even more beautiful than I was before ... and you must agree that I am beautiful ??

 Here I am in my new coat ready to go for a walk with my mum and I was so excited to go out.

We went down to the sea front but I am too young to be let off my lead yet

It was a lovely walk  and when we got home I curled up in my special bed and went to sleep
The other night my mum had some of these chocolate things and I am not allowed human chocolate.

But I had so much fun shredding the empty box that it was all over the floor when I had finished

I also like my pink toy basket that is in the background there.
But when Dougal came to play he chewed the handles off it and now there's none left.

It is still fun to sit in although I am getting a bit too big for it now.

I was weighed at the vets last week and I am a whole 5.4 kilograms so I am growing really well.

I will bring you more stories as I get bigger and thank you for reading them and writing messages back to me.

I feel really special

Bye for now xxx


  1. Hi Ruby you are very special and you have a great mum and dad that Dougal is a bit of a lad chewing the handles off your toy box but I dare say you will get your own back on him when you visit him.
    Lots is love
    Nancyd xx

  2. Delighted to hear from you again ruby and yes you are beautiful and you seem to have settled in very well with your Mum and Dad and I'm sure you keep them busy and amused with your antics
    I hope Santa brings you lots of toys and special treats that you are allowed, happy Christmas to you all

  3. Haha Ruby you are funny. And getting more beautiful each day! <3

  4. Ruby is really a pgood looking girl. Looks like you are having a great time with her.
    Thank you for the update. It is fun to watch her grow.

  5. Hello Sweet Ruby! You are beautiful and adorable! Your Mum and Dad are very blessed to share your life. It sounds like you are growing, although here in the US we don't use kilograms so I'm not sure how much you weigh in pounds and ounces. I guess I will have to look it up. I love walking at the beach but no longer live close enough but it's awesome that you can do it. Don't be in a hurry to grow up. Time passes too quickly. We lost our beautiful collie named Wilson last week so I am sad. He was a very gentle friend and we miss him a lot. Enjoy your friend Dougal, even if he likes to chew. Sometimes you just need something good to chew on and handles aren't all that important. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Until next time....Your Friend

  6. Thanks for the update Ruby. Love your new coat -you look very smart in it.


  7. Awwwww, what a lovely blog post Ruby!! I'm glad to see you're settling in :D Christine xxx

  8. Oh Christina, what an adorable little dog. Love her chewing the Maltesers box and also the photo with Douglas. How cute.
    Keep the updates coming.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  9. Oh Christina thank you so much for keeping us up to date on Ruby, she sure is growing quickly, I bet she is just one adorable bundle of joy....luv Ursula xx

  10. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) I was so hoping we'd get to hear from you this morning, and we did! Yay! Yes, you ARE Beautiful, Precious, and a real Cutie Patootie! Did you know you are known throughout the world already? That's Awesome! I see you have developed a very nice sense of style, as your new coat shows some great fashion sense, as well as practicality. I had to look up how much you weigh in pounds and if my short-term memory is still serving me, it's 11.905 pounds. Or.... something very close to that. That's the weight of my little Angel Baby Dachshund. I'm so glad you and Dougal have playdates. But, that wasn't very nice he didn't treat your basket well. I know I'd be a "little" bummed if somebody chewed on my baskets. Well Ruby, I can't tell you how much I enjoy these little Sunday Chats. They Really Make My Day Perfect! It's so nice to see how happy and healthy you are coming along. You can thank your Great Mum and Dad for that! They want only the Best for you. Enjoy your day Little One. Big, Big Hugs.

  11. Love your stories, you are getting so big and such a pretty girl.You are lucky to have a Mom and Dad that love you.

  12. Lovely to see that Ruby is doing so well. She will certainly keep you busy Christina- plenty of exercise - who needs slimming world? LOL She is certainly a heart stealer. I get my exercise walking my granddaughters husky - or maybe I should say that Shadow (husky) walks me! Unconditional love all round xxx

  13. Hi Ruby, my you are growing fast and such a beautiful girl. what a naughty friend to chew the handles from your box, but if he's a good friend it won't matter too much, look forward to hearing more of your story, Kate x

  14. Little Miss Ruby is a beauty. I love the updates, so please keep writing. I had to look up the weight also, so for other Americans it's 11.9 lbs. I do really enjoy hearing about Ruby..I can tell she's as spoiled as my cats, so I can definitely relate. :)

  15. Hi Christina and Ruby,
    What a beautiful puppy you are, Ruby. You make me want to get another dog to go with the one I have, plus the two cats :). I can't believe that when I took my kitten to the vet last week he weighed 2.5kgs and you weigh just over twice that. He looks so small still and I never believe that he's growing at all.
    Ah, Ruby, you are going to love running along the sand once you're old enough to be off the lead. You are one lucky puppy and, Christina, you are one lucky 'mum' to have such a beautiful new addition to the family. Watch this space though as this time next year I'm hoping that I may well have a new furry 'baby' of my own, although I can't imagine having one as beautiful as young Ruby.
    Bejay xx

  16. Hi Ruby how adorable are you, I bet you have so much fun with your mum and dad and are getting lots of hugs and cuddles. You have grown quite a bit in the last few weeks, and I love reading about you.
    Love and cuddles from Anne xxx

  17. Ruby you are going to be so spoiled ! Ruby is rally very cute! What a precious baby pup! She just melts the heart!

  18. Well Ruby you are growing so big you will soon be running
    along that sand, Your new coat is you Mums favourite colour
    blue. Mavis L x

  19. Hello Ruby
    Lovely to hear how you are doing. You really are a little cutie and I bet it's just brill to go for walks with your mum along the sea fronts. Bliss. Continue to be a good girl
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  20. hi ruby, great to hear of your adventures.

  21. Ruby, you are so adorable and one of the cutest I have seen for a long time. Nice to see you having fun with you 'family' and can have some walks on the beach and play days with Dougal, another little charmer even if he chewed your baskets handle. My sister breeding Finish Lapdogs and if you met some of her little ones you would have so much fun together. Love to hear from you soon again, many cuddles Maria x


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