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April 22, 2017

Card Winner Today ...

Hi Everybody,

Another bright and early start to the weekend and this afternoon we are going up to the Lake District to walk the dogs.

That will take all day as it is over an hour and a half drive away  from here and then maybe on the way back we can stop and get a lovely meal in a country pub, One that is dog friendly of course.

I cant believe just how much our lives have changed since we got Ruby. Prior to her I had a lovely tidy house and could just get in the car and go wherever we wanted

Now I have doggy toys and blankets scattered around and no matter how much I tidy them away ... Ruby gets them out to play with again.

And we have to plan days out to take the things that she will need. Water, a bowl to put it in, blankets and her doggy coat in case she goes swimming ... again !! Harness, lead and the list goes on but she is so well worth it for the fun she brings to us

And she is a thief who loves to steal socks. She doesn't do them any harm she just likes to lie on them. She steals them from the laundry basket, the drawer, the minute you take them off your feet she is waiting to pounce and she is off like greased lightning

Any way the draw has been done for the lilac card from yesterday and the winner today is you ...

Rannah Romps
would you email me please with your postal address to
and the card will be on its way to you straight away.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. A little dog certainly takes over your life Christina but oh are they worth it. Enjoy your trip to the Lakes.
    Congratulation's Rannah Romps on winning such a beautiful card.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  2. You're in for a very busy day Christina. Ruby will love it!

    Congratulations to Rannah... enjoy!

    June x

  3. I absolutely love the look in Ruby's eyes ... what ever is she thinking lol !!

  4. Hi Christina & Ruby
    Have a lovely day at the Lake District today and Ruby no more sock stealing lol 😂 but I think that will fall on deaf ears. Congrats on your win Rannah Romps x x x

  5. look how grown ruby is. love seeing pics and hearing stories of her adventures!

  6. Congrats Rannah, have a great time today Christina....luv Ursula xx

  7. A very lucky winner of a very pretty card. Congratulations!
    Ruby is so adorable. I know how it is. I have two Border collies (and 3 cats) so my free time is spent tidying up after the collies and vacuming hairs. My 5 pets produce a steady supply of hairs, and the vacume cleaner has to be emptied at least once a day, some times twice. Kittie litter emptied over and over during the day. Our Tex, border collie and very activ, drags everything, that is not tied down, outside the house. I have collected the dog blanket out by the gate 4 times before lunch today. He just has more energy than I have, so he gets bored and I get tired :)

  8. Congrats Rannah......enjoy one of Christina's cards.

  9. Congrats Rannah!!!! Enjoy your day Ruby And family.

  10. Congratulations Rannah on the win.

    :} The socks are like a pacifier to Ruby

  11. Congratulations Rannah. Those pets become your kids. They really become part of the family and we love them no matter what, even if we have to be on the hunt for our own socks. Ruby has grown to a beautiful dog.

  12. Congratulations Rannah on winning a lovely card. How I love to hear
    the tales of what Ruby gets up to. She is a beautiful dog. Enjoy
    the Lake District, great place.

  13. Congratulations, Rannah. I can tell you from experience that you're going to love that card when you see it. Christina is so talented.

    Christina, I just love that picture of Ruby. It looks like her face has been whitewashed..such a soft-looking color. And those gentle eyes..who could resist her. I'm sure you must never stay mad at her for very long, no matter what she does. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

  14. Good for Rannah! Our little yorkie (Roxie) brings us so much joy as well. Hope you had a great, fun day.

  15. Hope you have had a great day with Ruby. Lovely photo of you Christina - You're looking good!! Must be keeping fit walking Ruby. There's never a dull moment with a dog to love xx

  16. Happy Day for Rannah! Congratulations!
    Hello Ruby! Have fun on your outing!

  17. I'm jealous, Rannah!! I love all Christina's cards, they are as beautiful as her dog!!❤️

  18. Hello Christina,
    I just love hearing about your precious Ruby. It sounds like she keeps you busy, in a good way, and her adventures with her friend Dougal sound hilarious!

  19. Christina: I love your doggy, Ruby. Those puppy dog eyes, and that adorable face. She is so cute. Thank you for the pictures and Ruby stories. I can see why you love her so much. Enjoy your trip with Ruby. Waiting to hear more Ruby stories.

  20. Congratulations Rannah enjoy.
    Ruby looks so innocent she is just gorgeous enjoy your day.
    Nancyd xx


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