April 02, 2017

Ruby Update

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe that I am nearly eight months old already and I now try to be the boss in my house but my mum won't let me.

She says I need to be a well behaved puppy and then she will take me to lots of places that she goes too but only if I am polite

Look how much I have changed in these few months since I cam to live with my mum and dad when I was nine weeks old

I was soooo cute then but now I am simply gorgeous ... don't you think ??

Me and my friend Dougal are starting a new dog training class next month and it is our Bronze Citizens award.

We will get a certificate at the end of it from the Kennel Club  ... if we are well behaved.

We can then go on to the next stage and I will be sure to keep you posted as to how we go on.

When I am a year old I can also go to Agility Training and run up ramps and through hoops and over fences. I will have a ball but my mum will be shattered !!

It's a beautiful day today and our mums took Dougal and me on the beach.

We ran around and played and walked such a long way for two hours.

Then we got back and we had been made clean and tidy with no sand on us we snuggled up on the sofa and had a little sleep.

Isabella came to visit today as she is going to a Christening with her Daddy and Jasmine

She dressed me up in her crown and called  me Princess Ruby ... she thinks I look lovely but I am not too sure !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina, You make me laugh, keep up the ruby stories I love them. Have a lovely afternoon

  2. Yes Ruby your are simply gorgeous!!, I love hearing about how you are getting on, and it sounds like it's really well. Congratulations on getting your certificate, your mum will be so proud of you, and you'll get to go to lovely places with her, looking forward to your next update, Kate x

  3. You are getting big, and look very pretty, you and your pal look so cute resting. Love to hear all about your adventures.

  4. Ruby you are so adorable, you have such a lovely mum who takes you to lots of places
    You also have a beautiful friend in Dougal, you really suit your crown and you truly are a Princess.
    With love from Anne Owens xxx

  5. Love the Ruby updates.....She is a Doll!

  6. Ruby, That's wonderful ou are ging to Dog Training! You might not like it at first, but you will get used to it. When I went, I was so happy to see my mum smile and tel me what a good dog i was really enjoyed it by the time we finshed. After class, I went many more places with my mum. I evenpassed the Canine Good Citizen Award here in the US! Afterr that I went on to be a therapy dog which was wonderful as i met lots of people and the were so happy to see me! My mum would have like to do Agility with me, but she has a bad leg and couldn't keep up with me on the course. Oh well.
    Sometimes my mom calls me Princess but I've nver had a crown! I can tel you are seet by those lovely brown eyes! Be good!

  7. Good Afternoon Dear Lovely Princess Ruby :) You And Isabella will always be Princesses because you both are so loved by your family... and the rest of the world. And did you also know that ALL Princesses are Truly Simply Gorgeous. Yeah... It's in your nature. I wish you well in your new training class and I sure hope you earn that Bronze Citizen Award. I know your Mum will be beaming with pride. And... rightly so! We still have a few patches of snow in our yard, but it is a lovely sunshiny day. It's 61 F and I have a few windows open. My little ones had a run in the yard. And now it's time for a walk. Enjoy the rest of your day Dear One. Big Hugs.

  8. ruby is such a cutie. I love the updates. her hair sure has come in. will you groom her for the summer? sounds like lots of fun to have a well behaved dog. agility will be so great to vent some puppy energy.

  9. Love the Ruby posts and pictures! She really is a beauty and has a wonderful life with you and her friend Dougal! The crown is very becoming!

  10. Hi Ruby
    You really are adorable and have such sad eyes making you so lovable. Sounds like you are having such fun with your friend Dougal. Hope you get on well in your classes and make your mum proud. Be a good girl for your mum.
    Love and cuddles
    Jenny C & Barney westie xxx

  11. Ruby is adorable. I love those furry legs and chest..and who could resist those brown eyes. It would be difficult for me to ever be upset with her when I looked into those sweet eyes. It's easy to see that she and Dougal are very well loved..and rightly so. Good luck in your class, Ruby.

  12. Miss Ruby, Miss Ruby. You are quite a charmer. My human thinks you will grow into a stunner. I hope you are very nice when your mom is crafting. I am always nice. My mom gives me treats when I am very good.
    Ta ta from your friend across the pond, Tessa

  13. Ruby you are beautiful. So glad you have Dougal for a play mate, he is very handsome. Dianne

  14. I love stories from Ruby. look at those eyes in the first photo. melts my heart. you look very pretty with your tiara Ruby. hugs xx

  15. Already 8 months! She is a gorgeous girl.

  16. Love the Ruby stories Christina, she is so adorable.
    Elaine H X

  17. I agree i love the updates on Rugby,
    she is gorgeous looks like butter wouldnt melt in her mouth.
    Marion H

  18. Hi Ruby
    You are more than gorgeous but you must do what Mum says, Christina she is so adorable x x x

  19. You're very beautiful ruby my Dudley love you as his friend he is quiet old at 12 but he's a gentleman lovely to hear your news xx

  20. She sure is beautiful!! What kind of dog is she??

  21. Awwww.....Love this story.


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