April 23, 2017

Ruby Update

Hi Everyone,

S'me again with more tales of my adventures this week. I am so glad that you like my stories and for those who don't know me I am Ruby the most beautiful English Cocker Spaniel  and I am now eight months old. My colouring is Blue Roan Sable

Here I am soaking up the sun in my front garden and it was lovely and warm.

I have just had a haircut and that keeps me so much cooler

I get up to all sorts of mischief and here I was caught in the act of shredding up this sponge all over my mums carpet

She said I looked guilty enough and she laughed at all the mess.

The other day my best friend Dougal came to play and we went to the beach.

We found an old branch on there and we tugged at it to see which of us could keep it

I won of course coz I am the boss even if he is bigger than me !!
My food had been delivered here and my mum opened up the bag so that I could smell the flavours

It was lovely and so in I went to try some more.

I am going to the vets to be weighed this week and have my regular monthly treatments so I will let you know how much I have gained next time

I will be back again soon with more stories to tell you.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Ruby, you look so cute hope you don't eat all your food at once or you'll break the scales at the vet, look forward to your update.
    Nancyd xx

  2. You're such a sweet girl, Ruby. Be good for your Mum!

  3. Lovely to hear from you Ruby and you look as beautiful as ever, I'm sure you keep everyone amused with your antics
    cheers from Aus.

  4. Hello Sweet Ruby! Your haircut is so pretty and your coloring is quite lovely. So glad you are having fun with Dougal. He's a very special friend who knows git's are stronger than boys even if the boys are bigger! It's a good thing that was a sponge you were chewing and not your Mum''s favorite pair of shoes! Enjoy your new food and keep up with the fun adventures!
    Your friend,

  5. lovely to see you again Ruby ,you are growing up fast and look beautiful after your hair cut.
    love the look of innocence on your face as to say not me mum.
    Marion H

  6. So cute Christina. Enjoy your walk in the lakes.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  7. Hi ruby you love the sun nice picture you have posed for love it
    You look beautiful after your trip to the beauty parlour June horrocks xxxx

  8. Ruby - One very happy and lovely spaniel. Bet you're happy that you have such a super home.xx

  9. love seeing the ruby updates. great coloring. way to catch her in mid act. my dog tends to do things and all I have are the after picks. have fun on your adventures, ruby.

  10. Hello Ruby
    Nice to hear from you again.You certainly are a little sweetheart and I bet your mum couldn't stay mad at you for long with those lovely sad eyes. Girls have got to have a little fun, haven't they? Glad you enjoyed your game with Dougal on the beach and you certainly show Dougal who is the boss. Look forward to hearing from you soon and about your adventures
    Love & cuddles
    Jenny C & Barney xxx

  11. Hi Ruby,
    Love hearing about your adventures with Dougal, you are both lovely. You are growing up fast. You love getting into mischief, but that is fun.

  12. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) There are no words to express how happy I am that you have such a wonderful loving home. There are sooooooo many fur babies in this world that are not as fortunate. And it breaks my heart the things that humans have done to them. I always say, if you don't accept and love fur babies as actual family members, then don't have them. We are their entire world and we need to make it wonderful for them. Your Mum and Dad get high praise for giving you that. And I just love, love, love hearing about your adventures. You are the Best Girl Ever! Your Mum loves to write. I could certainly see her writing a children's book about "The Adventures of Miss Ruby". It would be awesome! Enjoy your day Little One! Thank you for making mine ~ Perfect! Big Hugs.

  13. Good Morning Christina & Miss Ruby - Wow Ruby has grown up lots. You keep on having fun Ruby & enjoy her Christina as she is just a sweetie! Christina give her a hug for me! Blessings to you both!

  14. Love you, Ruby! My cat, Oscar, sends his best as long as you stay on the other side of the pond😁

  15. Hi Ruby, lovely to hear you and Dougal are enjoying yourselves at the beach, and that you are keeping him on his toes so that he never forgets who the Boss is. You are so sweet, no wonder your mum couldn't be angry with you, and after all, the damage could have been much worse, looking forward to hearing from you soon, Kate x

  16. How can you be angry at that face!

  17. Awe, bless you Ruby, I can see how much your Mum and family adore you, you are gorgeous x x x

  18. Ruby has such lovely colouring, especially when sitting in the sun. I don't know how you have the time to make all theses wonderful cards with a beautiful dog like Ruby around!


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