June 11, 2017

Ruby Update

Hi Everyone,

S'mee  Ruby to tell you some of my latest adventures.

I have had fun with my best friend Dougal again and here he is with my favorite chewed up milk carton.

Do you think that if  I stare at him hard enough he will give it back to me??  Well maybe not !!

I also like socks and I steal them whenever I can even if they are in the laundry basket waiting to be pegged on to the line.
I run off with them so fast that no one can catch me and it's great fun.

And I don't care if they are on my mums feet.

She tries to stop me getting them but I tug so hard that they come straight off

I like to make her laugh and she calls me a little thief, but I give them back to her eventually ... and then steal them again

Dougal had an operation the other week so now neither of us can have puppies.

Here he is in his babygro so that he cant get to the wound and he was feeling really sorry for himself.

We couldn't play together for a week until he felt better but now he is back to his old self and just as naughty as me

He is a Cockapoo and he is really kind to me even though I bark and growl at him.

 But he knows that I love him and we have such fun together.

Here he is with a ball that his mum bought for him to play with.

It lasted about ten minutes as he pulled all the soft stuffing out of it and scattered it around the house.

He is trying to look innocent here but the stuffing is hanging from  his mouth so he didn't fool anybody.

We are going on our holidays soon and so my mum is trying to get all her work done before we go, and busy writing up blog posts so that they will go out regularly.

We will have lots more to tell you  from Wales and we hope the weather will be kind. See you again soon

Bye for now .... Ruby 


  1. Have a lovely holiday you naughty pair of scamps, looking forward to hearing all your holiday tales

  2. well you are growing up fast Ruby and certainly full
    of mischief .it is nice that you have a friend.hope you have a good holiday and let your mum have some rest too.
    Marion H

  3. Well-Ruby you sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I'm sure Douglas will be looking forward to getting rid of his babygro especially when you're on holiday.


  4. Hope you all have a wonderful time ,do try to be good for just a little bit on your Holiday.
    Elaine H X

  5. You are a little star Ruby - you remind me so much of a little terrier we had a long time ago- he used to steal shoes and then eat them! Have a lovely time in Wales- maybe you will find a Welsh dragon to play with! Have fun xxx

  6. Nice having another Ruby update, not forgetting Dougal too!Have a great holiday, and hope the weather is kind!

    June x

  7. You two are beautiful, best friends forever. It's lovely that you are growing up together and having so much fun. Have fun in Wales. Love Anne Owens, Liverpool xxx

  8. Aah Ruby it's lovely to see you again and hear about your adventures, you are a gorgeous rascal. Poor Dougal, I hope he is better now, he is such a handome boy. Have a great holiday and lots of fun, Kate x

  9. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) It always puts a big smile on my face when I get to read about you and Dougal. Ohhhh I just felt so bad for him knowing he was uncomfortable. I know how uncomfortable I was when I got spayed. So you like socks, eh? Well, I think socks are fun too. I think the world should just take a break and wear fun socks and be happy. I wish you a wonderful, safe and fun trip Little One. And, I look forward to hearing all about your adventures, when you get back. Big Hugs.

  10. Have a lovely time on your holidays. I love Dougal's babygrow, much nicer than the lampshade our Max had to wear.

  11. glad to hear of your escapades. have fun in whales and tell us all about it. so ruby, what's a baby grow? when dogs over here, across the pond, get tutored(neutered) they wear a big plastic cone. we refer to it as the cone of shame, because the dog looks so sad in it. this option looks interesting. is it like a baby's onesie? good to see how much you're growing. keep everyone in line and on task during your holiday. have fun human and canines.

  12. I have a little dog and that likes socks,he takes them off my great grandsons feet they think it is funny, he also likes anything plastic, and paper and cardboard, have a lovely holiday

  13. I love the stories about Ruby and Dougal. They really perk up my day and a good start to the morning.

  14. Hello Ruby, wonderful to hear from you again. Sounds like you have been having quite a bit of fun. Sorry to hear Dougal is not feeling very well at the moment. Have a great holiday in Wales. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

  15. Hello little Ruby,
    Nice to hear from you again and I see you've been up to your antics again. Well, a girl has got to have a bit of fun, hasn't she? Glad to hear Dougal is much better now. Hope you all have a lovely time in Wales and try and behave for your mum whilst you are away.
    Bye for now,
    Love and cuddles from Jenny C & Barney xxx

  16. How lovely to read about Ruby and Dougal's antics. Hope you all have a lovely Welsh holiday.
    love Maureen xxx

  17. Ruby, you are just too precious and so is your best friend, Dougal. I love to hear about all of your adventures.

  18. Hello Ruby and Dougal! It looks like the two of you have been busy getting in scraps of mischievousness. My children has a Cockapoo growing up named Patches. He was a sweet dog. I hope you are feeling better Dougal. Enjoy your holiday!

  19. When ever I see all the stuffing spread out through the house, I always say, "It's ok, it's clean guts!" lol


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