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June 25, 2017

Ruby Update ...

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would tell you the rest of my holiday adventures in Wales with my family and
my best friend Dougal.

This is me on the left sat on my mums knee with my dad sat on the right. And Dougal is sat on his mums knee.

We had been to visit a slate quarry  and museum and they all enjoyed it very much but Dougal and I just wanted to run around

The next day we had our first taste of ice cream and it was lovely especially as the day was warm.

I really enjoyed getting all the ice cream out and then my mum let me have the cornet too.

Once I had eaten mine I thought I would see if Dougal had any left and help him to finish his

But he had eaten all of his up too and we both had ice cream around our faces
This is one of the places that we visited and it is called Swallow Falls

I had to be kept on my lead as you know I love swimming but it would have too dangerous for a little dog like me.

So instead we where taken to a river side and there we could paddle and swim for ages
Later after we had been dried off we snuggled down in our jackets and fell asleep all curled up together 

Dreaming of another day on our holidays and the fun we can have playing ... and barking !!

Bye for now

Love Ruby xx


  1. What an adventure you and your best friend had I've been to swallow falls als the slate quarry brill !!!!!!!!! Love June horrocks cxxxxxxx

  2. Hello Ruby! It certainly sounds like you had some fun on your holiday plus you tgot some ice cream! How cool is that!!! I love ice cream too but then who doesn't? You arever so blessed to have a friend like Dougan who even goes on your holiday! It's always fun to take a friend. I think you and Dougan make great frinds and look do sweet together. Stay in touch with all your fans! Have a happy summer!

  3. Hi Ruby love to hear what you are up to.looks like you are really enjoying your holiday and your friendship with Dougal is lovely.
    Marion H

  4. Beautiful photos and Dougal'seating Iice cream is so cute.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  5. Hi Ruby, gosh you and Dougall are such lucky pups going on a lovely holiday and getting ice cream. Seems you both had a super time and you look so snug and cosy in tour kackets. Looking forward to your next update, Kate x

  6. Nice reading the update, I loved seeing the two balls of fluff snuggled up together, worn out after their day's adventure lol


  7. hi ruby! love hearing about all of your fun adventures.

  8. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) What Beautiful family photos to share from your vacation. I absolutely love them! I'm so glad you got to have some ice cream. It's pretty awesome isn't it. I was sitting on a park bench once watching a squirrel who had discovered a scoop of ice cream that had fallen to the ground. He enjoyed several bites and then took off. A few minutes later he returned with his mate so they BOTH could enjoy the tasty treat. It did my heart so good to see that! It truly touched my spirit. It looks like you had such a wonderful time Miss Ruby. The Falls are breathtaking. And can you and Mr. Dougal get any cozier in your jackets. Adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your time with us today. My day is now perfect! I hope yours is the same Little One. Big Hugs.

  9. Hi Ruby
    Lovely to hear from you again and about your holiday. Sounds like you and Dougal had a brilliant time and glad you both enjoyed the ice-cream. Continue to be a good girl for your mum and dad and hope to hear from you soon
    Love & cuddles
    Jenny C & Barney xxx

  10. Thanks for the update Ruby- its lovely to hear of all your adventures.xx

  11. Hi Ruby, Love all your tales about yourself and Dougle, looks like you both had a great time with your family. Tell your Mum I like all her pretty cards and video's Love Yvonne

  12. happy faces - lovely to see, thank you. Diana

  13. I enjoy hearing about Ruby and Dougal's escapades. Word of warning: people ice cream is bad for dogs. It will damage the dog's liver. Doggie ice cream is okay for dogs.

  14. Two very happy dogs, when are we going away again mam?
    Maureen xxx

  15. Ruby is so her eating her ice cream !!!!! We have Doggie Yogurt Treats here in the states, I hope you can find something like that you Dougal and keep them in the refrigerator......Till the next time you post the adventures of Ruby and always thanks for sharing.

  16. Dear Ruby, I always look forward to your updates. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on holiday. The photos are awesome. I'll bet ice cream will be your favorite treat from now on!

  17. Ruby, you have a lovely family..glad to finally see your dad. I love the last picture of you and your best bud sleeping. The falls were gorgeous.

  18. Hi Ruby,
    Good to see you again and it is lovely to hear of all your adventures.You have a great mum and a great friend.Love the family picture; you are so photogenic Ruby.Bye for now.
    Thank you Christina, for sharing these amazing moments of your vacation.

  19. Oh Ruby, What a lovely adventure with your family and Dougal.Lovely photo's too.
    Thank you Christina for sharing your hilidays with us.
    Dorothy xx


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