June 18, 2017

Ruby Update ...

Hello Everyone,

I am back from my holiday in Wales and what a lovely time I have had with my very best friend Dougal there to share it all with me.

Here we are settled down on our beds in the back of the car ready to set off.

It took us almost three hours but we had a couple of stops for us to spend a Penny and once we got there we had a lovely safe garden to play in.
Through the cottage window I could see some fluffy white things in the field next to us and I have never seen any of them before and of course I had to bark ... just to say hello.

But they ignored me and walked off making a really funny noise ... but they didn't bark back.

They didn't run around like Dougal and me either so I don't really want to play with them ... Dougal is much more fun and noisy like me

The next day we went to the beach and I just love swimming. Here we are in the sea but Dougal is not as brave as me.

I went in up to my shoulders and came out soaked ... and then I went back for more.

He is taller than me and doesn't seem to get as wet.

On the way back to the car I found a lovely clean pool and of course I went straight in there too before anybody could catch me

Once we got back to the car our mums put our Ruff & Tumble jackets on us to keep us warm and we slept on the way back to the cottage

It was lovely and warm in the sun and we have a big cushion to lie on and the doggy gate keeps us safe

There is a lot of room for both of us to spread out and we have had a lovely day out

I'll tell you more next time 

Bye for now from a tired and happy puppy

Hugs Ruby ....


  1. Can't stop smiling at the first pic ... they are so comical !

  2. Sounds a lovely holiday. Hope you tell us whereabouts in North Wales you stayed. I've spend so many happy holidays there camping over the years.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  3. So pleased you had a lovely time welcome home everyone xxxxxx June horrocks xx

  4. These guys seems to get along so well. They might have had more fun than you did with all that swimming!!!!!

  5. Hello Christina,
    What I want to know is did mam go in for a paddle too!! Glad you all had such a good time, welcome back.
    love Maureen xx

  6. Ruby is a busy little girl...Love your posts about her and Dougal. Glad you all had a good time!

  7. Happy memories - I have had some great times in Wales. You've even brought the sun back with you! XX

  8. Hi Ruby
    Glad you all had a lovely holiday and I'm glad you have brought the sun back with you. Sounds like you and Dougal enjoyed your swims. Hope to hear some more of your holiday memories soon.
    Love & cuddles
    Jenny C & Barney xxx

  9. I do love to hear about Ruby's and Dougal's adventures..and just love the photos. Being from the U.S. I'm not familiar with the expression "spend a penny". I first thought it meant that you went shopping, but as you said for Ruby and Dougal to spend a penny, I'm guessing it might be a bathroom break. I love learning about the different expressions and phrases from your country. Thanks so much, Christina, for sharing Ruby's and Dougal's new adventures with us.

  10. Nice pics. Looks like everybody had good time.Thanks for sharing.


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