February 05, 2018

Fabulous find ...

Hi Everybody,

I know that many of you are not confident with ink blending and over the years I have tried to show you ways and means to get the look that you like. I have used blending tools ... bought and home made. Sponges and ink blending foam as well as a more expensive range of brushes

But yesterday I went shopping in my local Aldi store and this is what I found in the centre isle.

They are brushes that I thought would be perfect for ink blending and they came in three different sizes.

They were priced at £2.99 per pack

There was one large or two medium or three small ones in each pack and it was the three small ones that I decided to buy.

And because they are so well priced at £2.99 a pack I bought four of them.

The colours on the right of the photo are the inks I blended together with the brushes

You can see the colours that I used on each brush and I was really pleased with the result and they are the best priced item I have ever used for ink blending.

And tomorrow will see me in the store buying some more to use with my Distress Oxide Inks and at that price I can have one for most of the colours that are in my collection.

Always one to share a good find ... if you are UK based then get yourself off to Aldi for your own set of blending brushes.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. thanks for sharing your find of brushes for blending. I will check out our local stores and see if I can find anything similar xxx

  2. Thanks for that tip I will try my local Aldi here in Melbourne

  3. Morning Christina, a great find thanks for the heads up will be off to Aldis after the school run.
    Nancyd xx

  4. What a great find Christina I hope they have them in my aldi.xx

  5. Hi Christina love the look of these brushes and at that price thank you for sharing
    Love June Horrocks xxx

  6. Thanks for sharing the Aldi find- am will be calling at Aldi this morning xx

  7. Looks like a great idea. Too bad they aren't available in the US.

  8. Hi Christina,
    Thanks for sharing your find. We don't have Aldi here but maybe I will find similar brushes.

  9. Hi Christina I got 4 packets yesterday plus the chalk paint what a great bargain
    Hugs Debs xx

  10. Hi Christina
    Thanks for sharing your Aldi find. We have an Aldi in Carterton so might just pop over. Can't tomorrow as I'll probably be at hospital most of the day with hubby.

  11. Hi Christina,
    Good old Aldi, it's almost worth the two busses to get to my closest store to pick up some...of course, I could just take one bus into Newquay, even though that takes an hour as it goes all round the houses lol.

  12. This looks a really good find. Thank you Christina for telling us about this.

  13. Thank you so much for the tip, I just popped into my local store and bought some, they are wonderful :-)

  14. Hello Christina,
    Thanks for the info on the brushes, guess where I'm going tomorrow!!
    Maureen x

  15. Hi Christina
    Thanks for sharing this find. I will be having to have to an Aldi store near us
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  16. Great bargain Christina. Wish I could get them over here.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  17. Tomorrow will see me in Aldi, thanks for sharing.

  18. Brilliant Christina. Must try to go to Aldi tomorrow but it means going into town. Not something I look forward to. One is opening much nearer soon but no idea when.

  19. Thanks for sharing such a bargain. I expect they will all be gone when I get there but must try. Diana xxx


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