February 25, 2018

Ruby Update and a question ...

Hi Everybody,

Here is Ruby having a cuddle of dad just before we go out for the day. And she looks very contented too.

I can't remember the days before we had her and she has changed our lives so much in the past year.

Question ??

So the question I wanted to ask is mainly aimed at the people who live in and around Blackpool/ North West and who like to craft.

I have been having a really good clean in my craft room and I have sorted out lots of items that I now no longer use. Much of it is unused and still in packets or used only once.

And so I wondered if I should have a  Craft Room Sale Day and invite people to come along and see if there was anything that they wanted to buy. I have dies and punches, embossing folders, die cutting machines, lots of crafting goodies and far too much to mention here.

I even have the complete set of Spectrum Noir pens and the refills if any one is interested in them

I can't send the big stuff abroad as it would cost too much but if you live near me and would like to come along then please let me know at 
and if there is enough interest then I will make a Sunday free within the next couple of weeks.

The time will be 10.30 till 4pm and I will even provide tea and coffee and maybe the odd biscuit or two. But please be advised that my craft room is at the top of the house with two flights of stairs to climb ... but well worth it when you get there

Let me know what you think please and if you would like to come along

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina, wish I lived closer I would love to attend a craft sale with you hope you have a good response.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Ruby looks very settled in the photo although I’m sure she gets up to mischief sometimes!


  3. I would love to Christina but alas I go back to Spain Tuesday and cannot warrant another visit so soon, but I,m sure you will sell all, xxx

  4. That sounds amazing Christina,I would love to see your craft room,and what you are selling but I don’t think we would be able to come such a lovely idea, my husband is fitting a new kitchen don’t know what possessed him he’s nearly 70, and has done his knee in in the process, we thought it was a clot, but thankfully it’s not, never a dull day in our house, and unfortunately I can’t drive. Love Anne Owens xxx

  5. oh, since i'm on the other side of the pond, I can't make it. i'm sure there is interest within the local area. it sounds like it would be amazing. i'm drooling from here. ruby is such a pretty dog. love to see pics and hear of her antics. thanks.

  6. I would love to come along Christina, but unfortunately live too far away down in Dorset...but good luck, I know how we can collect loads of goodies, some of which we never use......good luck...luv Ursula xx

  7. Good Morning Christina :) Thank you for sharing a precious picture of Ruby and your Mr. They both look quite content. Wishing you much success in your de-stashing fair. I would have loved to have been there! Big Hugs.

  8. Hi Christina, that would be great as I live in Blackpool. But I am disabled and can not do the stairs, so I will have to miss out on it but wish you luck with your sale. Have a great time with ruby - from Christopher

  9. Wow, if I lived anywhere near there, no one could keep me away. However, I live in Texas so next to impossible. I hope your sale goes well. Please tell me you are okay and not getting rid of things because you aren't well.

  10. It sounds like a great idea but as I love in Devon I couldn't attend. Would you be willing to list any items on your blog/Facebook? I'm sure that many of us that can't attend would be happy to pay postage costs.
    Kath x

  11. I'm too far away (Canada) but you'll do great.

  12. Sounds a fabulous idea Christine, I would come but I'm away in Inverness, but good luck with it if you go ahead.
    Love your photo, Kate x

  13. Gosh what a great opportunity which, unfortunately, I cannot have as I live in the South West. I am sure for you it will be very successful. Diana xxx

  14. Oh to live in England! Wishing you well for your sale. Lovely photo of Ruby and "Dad"

  15. Hi Christina
    Love the picture of Ruby and hubby.
    Would have loved to have a look see att your stash but live to far away. Good luck with the sale though.

  16. Ooo, I wish I lived near you..would love to meet you and buy lots of goodies. Best of luck if you do hold the sale.
    Love, love, love Miss Ruby and happy to finally see your camera crew (isn't that what you call your husband?).

  17. Hi Christine,
    Ruby is getting so big. Good luck on your sale, yes we can collect things then don't use them, or only once. Love your videos.

  18. Hi Christina, I would really have loved to have come to your sale, but as I stay in Glasgow I don’t think I would be able to make it. Which is such a shame, as when I gave up crafting a few years ago (as you know), I sold everything that I had and I am still trying to get everything back, which is really difficult. Maybe one day I will eventually have a full craft room again.
    Good luck with your sale, I am quite sure it will be a huge success.
    Love Jennifer xx

  19. Hi Christina, I would be interested in coming to your craft de-stash day. I live in Liverpool but I don’t mind driving to Blackpool. I would also be willing to give someone a lift on the way if they are stuck. Looking forward to what you decide to arrange. Xxx Thank You for the opportunity.

  20. Hello lovely Ruby, you're still as gorgeous as ever and I can see you're loving your cuddle from your dad. Hope you enjoy your day out with your mum and dad. love and cuddles from Jenny C and Barney xxx
    Hi Christina
    Not sure whether I will be able to make it but good luck with your craft room sale. I would be in heaven looking in your craft room. Hope you enjoy your day out
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  21. I would so love to come. The USA is just too far. Best wishes for a successful sale.

  22. Bless you ruby daddies girl
    I would love to come Christina it would mean I could meet you at last as I’m disabled the stairs would make it a no for me good luck with the sale I’m sure it will be brill xxxx June Horrocks xxxxx

  23. If I didn't live all the way down here in Cornwall I'd be knocking on your door, Christina. What a great idea! I think you may have to stock up on tea and biscuits as the queue will go right down the street and onto the Pleasure Beach lol.
    Bejay xx

  24. Just wish I lived nearer - I think it is a wonderful idea , Christina !!!

  25. Hi Christina,
    Nice picture. Thanks for sharing. I wish lived closer but I hope your sale goes well.

  26. What a great idea.. its a shame I don't live near you - I would be there in a heartbeat. xx


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