March 03, 2018

Card & Gift Winner ...

Hi Everybody,

For the last few Saturdays I have told you that it was raining here in Blackpool. Well today when the rest of the country is struggling with the snow .... we haven't got one flake of the stuff. Apart from waking up Tuesday morning to see everything covered white, we have escaped the worst. And the snow on Tuesday soon went and we have had nothing since.

Living by the coast helps to keep it away as the salt air does something to snow and it very rarely sticks for long here.  So when it rains I am merely passing on what the weather is doing .... it's not a complaint and I am very happy that the snow has left us in peace. 
Now having said that it will be six foot deep next week !!

The draw for the card and gift from yesterday has been done from the comfort of my warm and cosy house and the name this week is YOU ....

Margaret Wilson
so if you could email me your postal address please to
they will be on their way to you straight away
Please let me know when you have them safe and sound

Next week I have some lovely vidoes coming up for you to view introducing the brand new collection at Craft Stash from Crafti Potential and next Fridays "Give Away" is a large fun stamp set from Creative Stamping. So I hope you will come back and join me to see whats going on 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Feeling sooo lucky- e mail sent! Thank you - Love Margaret xx

  2. Hi Christina glad your snow free well done Margaret
    Love June Horrocks xxxxx

  3. Well done Margaret, it is great you haven’t had any snow Christina we don’t get it that bad either, but it has been really slippery. My granddaughter had a nasty fall when she slipped on the way home from school, and her hand is badly bruised and swollen, luckily nothing broken but she is in so much pain. It’s lovely to look at but would rather not have it. Love Anne Owens xx

  4. Congratulations Margaret. Enjoy.

  5. Congratulations Margaret you are Lucky today!
    Christina- so glad you do not have snow & perhaps Ruby can enjoy your walk this weekend!

  6. Congrats Margaret,
    Loving your videos Christina x

  7. Congratulations Margaret!

  8. Congratulations Margaret enjoy. Christina you are so lucky the snow we had on Wednesday is still lying here with more on top is still about 4inches deep in the garden and at side of roads but we are lucky some folk are still getting hit hard.
    Nancyd xx

  9. Happy for you Margaret. Have fun creating.
    We have only had very little snow. Came and went. Schools were closed one day..We seldom ( except for last year) get much snow.
    ~Blessings, Louise


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