March 07, 2018

Papercraft Essentials 157 (PE157)

Hi Everybody,

Kinetic Cards have been around for years but this months Papercraft Essentials is giving you the dies to make them really simply.

When I made these years ago there was measuring to do and that spinner part was created with pennies.

But in this video I show you how to create these kinetic element easily with card.

The stamp set with the gift will give you other images that you can use to personalise the card for your self.
The magazine will be in the shops on the 8th March so be sure to get your copy.

And then have some fun playing with this concept and creating your own design from items that you may already have in your own crafting stash

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christina, gosh remember these cards well I used to make them a lot but it looks so much easier with these dies, well worth getting I think.
    Nancyd xx

  2. that is such a fun card to make. I have never tried anything like that so will definitely give this a try. thanks for sharing the step by step video too xxx

  3. Great card, looking forward to using my Dies but my magazine hasn’t arrived yet.


  4. Lovely card!
    I have never tried to make such a card, but it looks awesome, so I shall buy the magazine and have a go ;))
    Thanks for the great video!

  5. I remember these great cards these dies look great thank you Christina love june Horrocks xxxxxxxx

  6. Cute card Christina. I can remember making these cards using a penny for the weight. This looks much easier. Thank you.
    Love Val in Spain x

  7. Hi Christina
    This looks a good card to make. Didn't have much luck when I tried these before. Will watch the video later
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  8. Hi Christina,
    Love this card and all the other samples you have made with this great die and stamp set. Thanks for the brilliant video.Time to try a slider card now.

  9. Hi Christina
    Lovely card today. Must look at the video later to see how this was made. Will search out the magazine when I go shopping.

  10. Interesting video to make a great card. Thank you. Diana xxx

  11. Gorgeous selection of cards Christina. Very easy to understand video too. Thank you xx

  12. Hi Christina great video i love slider cards but havent had much luck making them but you made it look so easy so must have a go.
    Marion H


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