June 22, 2019

Card & Gift Winner and some news ...

Hi Everybody,

It is beautiful here today and the sun is really warm. Ruby has just gone for a long walk with Vickie and Dougal while I get some work done, I am busy making samples for next weeks HOCHANDA shows as I am there again with another One Day Special on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I will be on the show at 6pm and 8pm on the Tuesday and at 9am 1pm and 5pm on the Thursday so I hope you will be able to join me for any of those shows. You may notice a difference in me too.

I love hair with curl in it and I have spent the best part of forty years using heated rollers to get that curl.

 BUT now I have discovered that I have natural curls and I bought a book called 
"The Curly Girl Handbook"
from Amazon and the information in there is invaluable.

I started the Curly Girl Method only a few days ago and already I have some wonderful curls in my hair. 

I have followed it to the letter so far and it's not hard ... after all you would wash, condition and dry your hair any way. 

All I have done is change the products that I use to make my hair healthier and over time it will get more curly

So what you see now is my natural going grey hair. No more colouring, no heated rollers, this is what I was born with and I really am liking it. I wish I had discovered The Curly Girl Method Years ago 

So now onto the winner of the Card and Gift from Yesterday. The winner this week is ...

Christine McFee
Please can you send me your postal address to 
and the gift will be on its way to you, be sure to let me know when it arrives with you. 

Tomorrow I have a lovely story for you read and I hope you enjoy it.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Congrats Christine McFee. Christina, I'll be watching on "Tues". and have fun with your new hair.

  2. I noticed a hair change when you were last on TV .it looked good so looking forward to seeing the next stage. ☺ Congrats to Christine for winning this week x

  3. How wonderful! Love the way your hair is going with the colours as well. I look forward to seeing it for real on your shows.
    I love curly hair, had it permed since forever. Three of my children have curly hair and hate it. I've short spiky pink hair now....
    straight spikes!!!

  4. Embracing your beauty! Well done. I have let my hair go silver and find I can wear more colours with it plus all those young teens are copying my colour! What can I say? Go for it.

  5. Isn't it great to forget about the dread of more colouring, I went natural quite a few years ago, now I have to look up the "curly girl hair". I wonder if it will work on my straight hair LOL

  6. Congratulations Christine.......enjoy your lovelies....

  7. Wow, I'm so excited to have won these dies, thank you and thank you too for your generosity Christina, both with these giveaways, and with sharing your beautiful work with some many.

  8. Congratulations; I hope that you enjoy your gift!! I love the curly hair look. I will definitely have to look into this book!! I've always tried to get curly hair.

  9. I too have a natural curl in my hair and never used any form of curlers in it, just wash and wear for me, not even a drier.....also gone silver naturally. When I worked in the office I used to colour it, but then gave that up and went caring and thought, 'you know what' grow old gracefully. My mum had beautiful silver hair and mine is the same now and very proud of it....so well done to you....you always look amazing anyway Christina, so look forward to seeing you on Tuesday and Wednesday on Hochanda. Keep it up on Hochanda, so many have jumped ship again and gone to C&C, whom I DO NOT SUPPORT, due to bad customer service years ago.....you have fun, will be watching....lots of love always Ursula xx


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