June 23, 2019

My Irish Fan Club

Hi Everybody,

Nothing pleases me more than being the "GIVER" of beautiful things. I have so much still in my life and  I enjoy sharing what I have. So let me tell you the story behind this intriguing title and the picture.

As you know every week I give away one of the cover mount gifts that come with the magazines from Practical Publishing. I asked PP's permission to do this and I was delighted when they said yes. 

One of my winners awhile ago was a lady called Elaine Prendergast and she wrote with her address to claim the gift. She told me that she was a school teacher to the Second Class who are 7 / 8 year old little girls.  She has told her class about my blog, and they have looked at the pages and they like my cards.

Elaine is a crafter herself and she has shared some of her own things with the class, as many of them enjoy crafting too, and so I asked if she would like a few more things for the children to use in their class.

I put together this box of items that I have bought in the past and it was full of all sorts 
I posted it to Elaine in Ireland and she took it into her class for the children to see.

This was my gift to the class and I could almost hear the squeals of delight here in Blackpool.

Here they are in front of the box and I wish I could have been there to hear them.

On the table in the centre is all the stuff I sent and I am sure that they have had a lot of fun playing with it.

I sent inks and papers, and embellishments for them to dress up their projects.

Some ready foiled packs for them to put together. And Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls of course !!

There is even a can of shaving foam in there for them to get really messy with

Some of them have emailed messages to me thanking me for their gift.

Elaine sent me the photographs of her class and once I got permission from their parents I am able to write this blog post.

And all these little smiling faces have made me so happy

As a class they have made me this huge card and inside everyone has added their comment and signed it onto a die cut shape.

They love die cutting and have used Elaine's machine, and caused a lot of consternation when they asked Father Christmas for one

Parents started asking what a BIG SHOT was !!!!

And so this is why I say these are my Irish Fan Club

They will all be moving on to a higher class later this year and so Elaine will have to start again with another group of bright smiling faces

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. What a nice story! I love seeing all those happy faces!

  2. Loved the story of your Irish fan club Christina xxxxxxxxxxjune horrocksxxxxx

  3. That’s such a wonderful thing to do-so kind & generous. I’m sure Elaine & the schoolchildren will have great fun using the goodies you sent.


  4. Good Morning Christina.....Ohh Christina. What a lovely story. And what a lovely gesture....sending the package of goodies...to get those little girls in to the craft that we " older " girls love. They will be in their element. I used to love art and craft when I was at school. Ever since I can remember I have always been a crafter. My mum taught me to knit. I taught myself how to crochet... I have some beautiful shawls...and now I just love making cards. Thankyou for your lovely story. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

  5. What a beautiful story. Bless you, you have brought such happiness to these girls.

  6. Such a beautiful story, I have loved doing crafts for as long as i can remember I also used to make wedding and novelty cakes unfortunately my daughter doesn't take after me, I have been trying to get my Granddaughter into making cards but she seems to lose interest after a little while, she did enjoy doing some die cutting so maybe she will start to enjoy crafting with nanny.
    Thanks for sharing you story Christina.
    Love Sue xx

  7. Christina , that is soooo special. How kind of you to share so many things to the little class in Ireland. I can just imagine how delighted they all were. It is wonderful that with such caring teachers that crafting will continue to blossom and with our mentor, Christina, we will all continue to produce cards as well. xxxx

  8. Children are so creative they just go for it, my big shot has been invaluable over the years for school classes. They love the people and dressing them, I even got a comment about the fact I had cut them out in different skin tones from osfted!

  9. this is so heart warming. who knows what famous "maker" will come from that group. I bet they will remember your kindness forever!

  10. How absolutely amazing, I bet they were 'over the moon' with this most unexpected gift that arrived for them and had great fun creating goodies with it all. You are such an inspiration to the crafting world Christina, that is what it is all about, share share share and you do that in abundance, and we thank you for that....I love your blog each and every day....keep it coming...lotsa love always Ursula xx

  11. Lovely story and photos! I'm sure there
    will be a few crafters as they grow up!

  12. A fantastic gesture from you and the class is so obviously delighted. Future crafters without a doubt . xx

  13. That is a lovely story Elaine. Thank you for telling us about it.

  14. A real teacher there at work.....well done to all involved.

  15. What a wonderful story Christina. A great teacher to encourage their interests and super of you to send so much for the children to actually see and feel everything.Learning by doing !

  16. What a wonderful story of sharing. Happy to hear how much they enjoyed your gift.

  17. AW! you've given the children so much joy and enthusiasm for creating, you never know maybe one or two will be famous with crafting too, with your encouragement. Congratulations and well done Christina.
    Faith x

  18. Wonderful story and beautiful photos.You have fans everywhere because you are a special person Christina. You have a big heart and you bring happiness to us every day. I am grateful that I found your blog.
    Hugs from Toronto

  19. What a delightful story, Christine. Congratulations.

  20. Hi Christina
    What a wonderful story. This is tantamount to what a wonderful person you are giving so much joy to everyone around you. Those little girls will remember your gesture all their lives and be grateful that you led them into the wonderful world of card making. As are all of us for all the help and inspiration you give to us. A very big thank you
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  21. Generosity is a wonderful virtue Christina, and you have it in abundance. What a wonderful story, who knows what the ripple effect will be from your generosity. I also note that you are respectful and ask permission to share the magazine gifts and permission to share the story. You are one inspirational lady, and obviously very loved by all of your fans. Nancy Millway

  22. After a really dreadful week, this post has made me smile. What a lovely idea, and so generous

  23. How sweet from these young ladies and how you have a generous heart you have Christina....thanks for sharing

  24. An absolute abundance of sweetness and thoughtfulness … such happy little faces!

  25. Thank you all for your lovely comments...We read them all aloud at school during the week and the girls were absolutely thrilled to see such kind, sincere words. They can't believe they are 'famous'!!! Today was our last day together sadly, but we made sure it was a fun filled one before they move on to 3rd class. Thank you so much again Christina for bringing such joy to them with your lovely gesture. xxx


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