November 14, 2019

More Strange Makes ...

Hi Everybody,

Here is a picture of the plates and spoons mirror with the string lights behind it and it looks lovely on the wall

The lights look blue but they are just bright white string lights and I got them from Amazon.

They are Olafus 16 pack LED String Lights for £16.99.  I love them and they make such a difference to any project and as long as you don't immerse the battery pack they can be used in water 

Now here is a challenge for you ... Can you tell me what this one is made from ??

I also added the lights behind this too and this is on my dining room wall.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Gorgeous designs.
    Love how you can make cheap materials look so elegant and expensive :))

  2. Looks like cake cases to me Christina they are both brilliant
    Love Sue xx

  3. Good Morning Christina. Brilliant project ...I love these different things you keep showing us. Thankyou. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone who needs them this morning.Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds

  4. it looks like cupcake foil to me. hugs today.

  5. love the designs but havent a clue what the 3rd one is xx

  6. Silver foil cup cake cases, you are sure one talented lady, no end to your great ideas, I really do love the first one, are you going to do a video for us please Christina, or where you got the idea, great present idea...thank you for sharing...luv Ursula xx

  7. Not Ferrero Rocher are they Christina it is beautiful whatever they are love the mirror with the spoons, you must be so patient. It is so fascinating seeing all these wonderful creations. Love Anne Owens xx

  8. Looks like small fan shapes made out of cooking foil.and layered...But love them all..My fav is the square shaped one..hugs

  9. Hi Chistina, I like the one it's the spoon from previous post the most.
    I agree with Sue, it looks like silver individual cup cake containers.
    The lighting makes all of them come to life, very festive, expensive and relaxing all at the same time.
    Love Christine xx

  10. Both mirrors looks great.Did you use cupcake cases for the second mirror?


  11. Gorgeous.
    The round one looks like them metal/ foil cupcake wrappers

  12. All I can say is WOW! beautiful projects Christina. Look forward to hearing what you made the hanging out of, (cake cases as Sue said)
    Faith x

  13. Hi Christina
    I love the effects of both these projects. The second one I think is using foil bun cases which I think creates an amazing effect. Thanks for showing us
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  14. Both are Gorgeous.
    The round one looks like it was made using the foil cupcake liners

  15. Hi Christina. Love your makes and I guess you have used some kind of silver cake cases for the second decoration. Very good x

  16. Hello Christina,
    I'm brain dead after being out late night Christmas shopping with my daughter and I've just got home. I have no idea what you've made the second project from, but they both look intricate and very difficult!!
    Maureen x

  17. Easy..foil cupcake wrappers. Both designs are very pretty.

  18. These are absolutely Gorgeous Christina! Love, Love, Love these projects! If it sparkles and shines ~ it's for me. Well Done Dear Lady. Hugs. xo

  19. Morning Christina there both lovely I think the 2nd one is made from foil cake cases
    Have a lovely day
    Sharon MK

  20. very cool, you are getting very creative with these!

  21. Are they foil cupcake baking cups??


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