March 09, 2021

Rose Decorative Corner

Hi Everybody,

Todays card is again using the Rose Decorative Corner and I think it will become obvious that this is my favourite one in the new corners die sets.

I have used blue and white for this colour scheme with navy blue as my accent shade.

The sentiment is the Ultimate relations Die Set and there are so many in this set to cover ALL family members even into extended families.

I love die cutting because all the work is done with the dies and all I need to think about are best colours ... which and what type of flowers ... the layout for the card, then go ahead and make it for my recipient.

I know that there are people who don't like my style of card making. Some thinks its too fussy. But I love this way and the flowers make it extra special for me and the people that I make my cards for. They love them and that makes me happy.

If you are a clean and simple card maker then that is OK too and I do like that style also, as well as mixed media. But this is always my go to style and the one that I am most often asked for when asked to make a card for someone as a commision.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Lovely card, very pretty.


  2. Good Morning Christina. How on earth can anyone not like these lovely cards. I love your style Christina. You bring something different . And I love watching you work in your lovely videos. I know the saying that what suits one doesn't suit another ... And it wouldn't do for us all to be the same would it. But please don't stop making these gorgeous creations. Thankyou Christina. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone who needs them today.
    Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

  3. Beautiful card, beautiful die and everyone to their own, I love your style Christina, I also love lots of flowers and cards put into boxes. Imagine what the world would be like if we were all the same !!!!! Luv Ursula xx

  4. Beautiful card Christina, love they way you've placed your flowers


  5. Each our own. Your style is what made me follow you for years. Those cards have the WOW effect that attracts me.

  6. Keep doing what you are doing Christina, I am happy to follow your way and sometimes I do my own thing so no problem. Diana Lawton xxx

  7. Pam Mckenzie - A beautiful card, I love your style Christina please keep it up, always beautiful- Pam Mckenzie, Spain

  8. Whatever you make is always made with perfection and attention to detail Christina. We all have our own styles and your tutorials are first class. I love your cards and have learned so much from you.Keep up the good work.xxxx

  9. christina your card is beautiful, I love your corner die they are truly lovely. Alway look forward to your next card. Keep up the good work, take care.
    Maria xxx

  10. Hi Christina
    Another beautiful card and whoever says your cards aren't lovely doesn't know classy when they see it. I have followed you since card making magic began and have learned such a lot from you. I will continue to be an ardent supporter as I think your style is just magic. I have done a lot of stamping of late but will always come back to die cutting and flowers, ribbons and pearls. Keep up the good work- you're a treasure
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  11. Love that corner and the design, a gorgeous card Christina.
    Faith x

  12. Different people, different styles. Who doesn't like your style shouldn't check your blog or should be quiet. Do what you love, the way you love, Christina. I love your style, and today's card. It is elegant and beautiful.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  13. I love your beautiful cards Christina.

  14. prachtige kaart Christina.
    Groetjes janny verwoert

  15. I’m in the corner of pretty flowers and fussy designs which is why I enjoy your cards and have followed you for a very long time but I also enjoy your more simple cards too. I’m blessed to have some of your collections and wish I could afford more. I don’t know of any designer who has die and stamp collections that are as complete as yours are. You have
    card dies in just about any size you could want and dies to create envelopes and envelope boxes to go along with stamps and embellishments. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that! I love that you keep adding to your collections so we can build on what we already have whether we’re a fan of more fussy cards or something simple. I think you have it all covered and I’m saying this here today just to say “thank you!

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

  16. Hello Christina,
    Another beautiful card today, thank you. I like different types of card, as do many people, we are all unique!
    Maureen x


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