March 17, 2021

yrroS oS = So Sorry !!!

 HI Everybody,

If you watched the Craftalong with me on Monday then you will know exactly what the title of this blog post is referring too.
I am talking about the filming of that event and the fact that I managed to get the view the wrong way round.
 Everything was mirror imaged and I have no idea how I did it.

I couldn't repeat it again if I tried. I obviously pushed the wrong button or attached my phone the wrong way round but I honestly don't know.

I am used to doing my videos with my camera attached above me but of course there is no "live link" to that and so I have to do these Craftalongs via my phone, and that is completely new to me.

 I am just glad that Lou stayed in the background to try and help me but technology is not my strong point.

Never the less I hope it didn't spoil it too much for you and a really big thank you for all your comments and for staying with me. I promise I will buck up !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Missed your craftalong but you are not alone in getting things mirror-imaged. I've sometimes noticed it on other videos so it must be quite a common thing to happen. If Tim Holtz can do it I'm sure you can be forgiven 😀😀

  2. Hi Christina- have to smile at your technology blip. I love technology when it works - but its a flippin nightmare when it doesn't! You still did a good job. Hope all goes well tomorrow - you will soon be on the mend. Will think of you as I open my birthday cards. Love + a hug xx

  3. Oh Christina, it all added to the enjoyment so don't worry. That's why I asked what the verse said when you stamped it! It just proves that your dies look good whichever way they are placed!!
    Good luck for tomorrow, I hope everything goes well for you.
    Maureen x

  4. Don't worry about it Christina, we all do it. Karen Holmes

  5. i really enjoyed the craft a long. good luck with your surgery. it's fun to see real people doing the same things i'm doing in the background. tried to take a pic of my "obi" for st patrick's day. after trying to get a sit not a down. so he could show off his man length tie, i looked and to my surprise there was my face looking back. so after playing around with the phone and fidgeting with him i got a pic. have a great day. happy st patrick's day to you too.

  6. I thought it was perfectly understandable and pretty funny.

  7. A Gorgeous card Christina.
    Faith x

  8. Hi Christina
    I watched the craft along and can honestly say I enjoyed it- didn't notice anything untoward at all. I always enjoy your tutorials at any time. Take care and stay safe
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  9. Lovely card, Christina. Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck tomorrow.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  10. Like you said Christina "technology", I feel this too. The youngsters seem to get it quite easily but not me an "oldie" . Nevertheless your cards are a huge success so well done. Diana Lawton xxx

  11. Lovely cards Christina. Good luck with your hospital visit tomorrow. See you soon xx
    Betty McAlister

  12. These are gorgeous. Wonderful colours and design.
    Valerija xx


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