April 20, 2012

And last but not least ...

Having covered lots of variations on the Easel cards over the last few days this is one that combines two different folds.

The  Gatefold Easel Card  is another easy card and  if you are new to this lovely hobby it is one that will have the recipients saying   "How did you do it ...."

Trying out new ideas is what will keep your interest going and stop you getting into a rut.

And the whole point of the Website was to show "Newbies" how to get these looks for themselves in easy steps.

There is no point in having all this lovely card in your "Stash" if you are too scared to cut into it  ... and so it was my plan to help folks build that confidence to get started.

Once again I apologise to any one who is a more experienced card maker ... it is not my intention to talk down to anyone.

If you already know about all this then that is fine but please remember that many people don't ... and to them it is all a learning curve and I only want to offer any help that I can.

So over the last few days I have brought to you some really easy ways to make your cards stand out from the ordinary and I hope, if you are new to cardmaking that you have enjoyed them.

There is a permanent link to the Website at the top of the Blog since it has had it's make over and I would be honored if you would pay me a visit.... either there or on FaceBook.

Hugs xx


  1. Another beautiful card Christina. I find your tutorials great.

  2. Dear Christina
    I am new in this ways of cardmaking and I really, really love all your projects and tips, they are very helpfull.

  3. Christina i am not new to making cards and have done a lot of what you are showing us now , but i have forgotten about these shaped cards and i for one am so glad you are going over them again and refreshed my memory because i love shaped cards .... Thank you for all the time you spend showing and teaching us new and old stuff , i really appreciate everything you do ....Hugs Sue xx

    1. Thank you so much for adding this comment and it is much appreciated. It is never my intention to have seasoned card makers think that I am talking down to them, I would be really upset if people thought that.
      My intention, with both Card Making Magic and the Blog, is just to help people who are new to this hobby get the most out of it.
      I know I struggled trying to find things out when I started, and so I try to add lots of information in one place for all to share. So thanks again for the lovely comment.... xxx

  4. I've never seen the gatefold easel card, so as a newbie, I am blown away by how gorgeous they are and so excited to try them. Thanks for sharing you expertise and time.

  5. Christina, another beautiful card. I keep coming back and back for more.

    Fabulous ideas, and very doable.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. elle est très belle

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the tutorials I have just found your blog and I am so glad I have it is brilliant(I have become a follower)I put a little tutorial on my blog and I was worried about 'talking down' to 'the experienced' but I did it anyway as I am glad of all the help and inspiration I can get so hoped others would be too.
    You have made such beautiful cards x

  8. This is just simply beautifull like the slight twist on an easle card with opening doors very diffrent and clever. WELL DONE YOU. THANK YOU FOR SHARING
    KLARE :o)

  9. Christina, even though we have done all these before, it is nice to be reminded of all the varieties of cards that can be made, slightly different. Thank you so much - am really enjoying your new web-site.

  10. Hi Christina!
    I am a newbie at making cards. Your detail to design and easy instructions are making my transition from scrapbooking to cardmaking so easy! I am also new to your blog and am sooooo inspired! Thanks again!

  11. Love this fold! And, as always, your cards - all of them - are stunners! Been a fan for a while and will continue to be amazed by your work! :)


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