April 13, 2012

Easel Card

This week I thought I would go back to basics with a card fold that is very popular,  and one that is very easy for those new to cardmaking. 

Then over the week I will show all the ways  to make this card ... right up to the four variation.

The image is from  the Back to Nature CD from  Polka Doodles  and it has been decoupaged on to the front of the easel.

So this is the Easel Card in it's simplest form.  It can be made to any size you like by just folding the card in half and then folding one of those halves in half again.   The link is to a short video tutorial. 

If you are a seasoned cardmaker then you will know exactly what to do to get this look, so I apologise if it seems I am being too basic.

But there are new starters to this hobby everyday and they don't know where to start.

I get emails from lots of people asking me to start at the begining and that is what I try to do, and they can find many many projects and card folds at   Card Making Magic

The flowers on this card are from my "Stash" but the metal spacer centres are from The Hobby House   and they have been attached with Pearl Brads.

The Twisted Easel will be tomorrows card ...

Hugs xx


  1. Lovely card Christina I have quite a few polkadoodles cds and just forget to use them. Thanks for the inspiration.x

  2. I love the background papers, beatiful! The Easel Card tutorial was the first video I think I ever seen of yours if I am remembering correctly... Love your tutorials! I really love those metal flowers!!! What is a spacer??
    Beautiful card

  3. I am a new cardmaker and I very muich appreciate seeing all the basics over and over, even if I have done it, it is always so nice to see the creativity of someone else and yours is always amazing!


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