April 05, 2012

Paper Folded Shirt

This is an excellent addition to all your male themed cards and is very easy to make.

You can jazz up the   Paper Shirt any way you want and use it for lots of occasion.

The card open up and any sentiment or invitation can be added to the centre

One of the things I did was to make it into an dress shirt and put a dinner party invitation inside it.

You will find lots more ways to make use of this and it is one of the things I was taught as a child and have never forgotten.

Little did I know I would ever be adding it to some cards in the future.

Make them into Father Christmas outfits and let the kids use them as their cards for their school chums... and teach them how to make them too... it will keep them quiet for a while !

Hugs Christina xx


  1. These are great Christine well done great idea Hugs Elaine

  2. Ok, you are not going to believe this but I made Thomas the Engine origami shirts like these only the smaller version to put on a photo card of Michael when he was younger...we are on the same wave length!!!!!!!!!! You did such a beautiful job with these and how clever to use them as an invitation!! I have awarded you the Leibster Blog Award..finally got around to it, hehe.

  3. Love the shirts! I was just making a bunch last week myself! You can also make an origami tie!


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