June 27, 2012

Prince Edward Island

My Canadian adventure has started and this is the first post from  our holiday on Prince Edward Island.

Our flight from Heathrow  was delayed by two hours and so it was quite a long wait to finally get going.  But once in the air we settled down for our 6 hour flight.... and we spent our first night in Halifax.

We rented a car and once we finally collected it we went to our hotel.   The next day we set off on our trip over to the Island and we took the ferry from Pictou   for the sailing across to the Island.

As we got to the ferry point they were staring to load it up  and we drove straight on. We were the last car to get on so consequently we were the last to get off.  But as we drove towards the terminal we saw some crazy people standing at the side of the road waving a huge Canadian  flag.  

It was Naomi and her family waiting for us and the meeting was such fun. Griff  was driving and as I got  out of the car Naomi had the biggest hug for me. It was lovely to meet them all Naomi Troy and Michael and the welcome was so warm.

We had the next day to settle down and then it was off to start exploring this lovely island.and the sun shine was lovely. 

Naomi took us to East Point and from there we discovered lots more.

This picture was taken on the  Singing Sands and we had such a laugh trying to make them "sing"

Of course my "Film Crew" was on hand to film all the silly aspects.  But we certainly made those sands sing....

It was lovely to explore and we went to the top of the lighthouse and the view was amazing.

We had coffee in a little cafe there and took some more photos and this is Naomi expecting some rain....

There is so much more to do and I will add more photos as I take them.

Hugs xx


  1. Sound like your having an amazing time enjoy the rest of your holiday xx


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