June 21, 2012

Tools of the trade...

Everybody needs some basics to start cardmaking with and most of the stuff we need we already have to hand.  You will need the obvious .... card, paper and some glue to stick 'em all together ... and envelopes to send the finished card in.

Then get together ...
  • A space to work in ... could be the kitchen table.
  • A metal edged ruler ... raid the toolbox ... or invest in a clear ruler with a metal edge
  • A craft knife and some scissors .... a pair for paper and another for ribbon.
  • A self healing cutting mat ... to preserve that kitchen table

And that will get you started cheaply and easily.  I used my dining room table for a long time and made lots of cards that I sent to family and friends. 

The only problem is that as you start to gather together items for your "Stash" it doesn't take long before that "Stash" out grows your chosen space and fills the house.

I am sure many crafters are nodding their heads at that statement as they know exactly what I mean and that is when you need to invest in some storage .... or utilise everyday objects.

But that is another story which we will get too in due course ... but for now back to tools of the trade.

So we have got the basics and we have started to make some cards.... Yes??? well it won't be long before you will  want to invest in some of the bigger stuff to make life easier for you as you get addicted to this lovely hobby.

But over the next few days I will cover some of the pieces you may want to get ... but not all of it is needed ... even if you want it.

Hugs xx

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