June 26, 2012

Big'N Juicy...

I posted a while ago about  Water Colouring with Distress Inks  and I said that the "Big'N Juicy" inks could also give a good effect.  They are good value for your hard earned cash as there are about five different colurs in each pad.

But what ever you do  DO NOT  store them upside down .... or on their side ...  as all the colours will run into each other and you will just have one horrible mess.
Store them right side up and level ...

Because of the amoung of pigment in these pads you would need to take care,  and personally I feel that they are a little too vibrant to get a good skin look.

For this floral image I have used the inks to get the soft look in the petals  and I am quite happy with the result.... and I have used the Hydrangea ink pad. 

This beautiful Poppy stamp is from Clarity Stamp and who says poppies have to be red....

This is another style of flower and and is from  Inkylicous  and this has been coloured using the Waterfall  ink pad.
If you press the closed lid firmly down onto the inked pads then you will get some of the ink transferred to the inside of the lid and this can then be used as your palette.

Alternatively use a white tile so that you can see the true colours.

Hugs xx

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