March 03, 2013

Die Cut Shapes

Hi Everybody,

In  a recent conversation with my very good friend Christine in Nottingham ...  she suggested an item for" My Shop"

As she explained  she does not have a die cutting machine,  and does not make that many cards to warrant the buying of one.

And so she buys packets of die cut shapes ...  but they are never big enough for her to add sentiments or images too.

So what she wants are shapes that she can mat and layer her cards with  ... and  she suggested that if she needs them so might others.

She also likes the look of the Spellbinders ... but as she has no die cutter she also doesn't have them either.

This is what I am adding to "My Shop"

I have put together some packs of large shapes in various styles  and the picture shows you  the size in relation to an A4 card.

I have chosen the largest die from each set.

I have cut them in white from a 350 gsm card so that they can be distressed or coloured to suit your own projects.

Some will be embossed and others left plain.

They will be large enough for a sentiment or an image, or the embossing  can be enhanced with inks.

There will be  15 large  die cuts in  each pack and they will sell for  £3.75  and that works out at  25 pence  per shape.

Use them as focal point to your cards or as a base for your flowers.

Hugs xx


  1. Great idea Christina, they do sell on the well known selling site so I,m sure they will do well for you. xxx

  2. What a fantastic idea! I too do not have a machine for metal dies. I will be placing my order real soon! I ordered your pins, can't wait to see them!
    Good Luck with your new shop!

  3. What a great idea Christina. I do have a Cuttlebug and a few dies that I am hoping to exxpand my collection as and when but these would be very useful. Hope to do an order soon.
    Julia x

  4. Great idea for all those that don't have die cutting machines xXx

  5. Great idea Christina. I have quite a few of the 'standard' nestabilities but I would love some die cuts of the Grand Label 4 that you used to make the book card. I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if you add them at any time. Pat x

  6. Very handy for those who haven't got (or don't need to have) a die cutter, especially as you're providing the larger sizes for people.

    Su xx

  7. What a great idea to add them to your shop, Christina!! I hope they sell fabulously!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. What a great idea. These are some fun shapes you've shared.

  9. I recently bought a grand calibur machine but find when I die cut the card tends to pucker up inside and the card has marks on it. I have been using 280g card, but I see from above you use 350g is that why I am having problems? Good luck with your new shop xXx

  10. This is a great idea too for those of us who have the smaller die cutting machines but not enough dies yet!! Thank you Christina and to Christine your friend :)

  11. What a very good idea. Hope you do well with them. There are many people without dies.

  12. A very good idea as there are many people without die cutters x

  13. That is such a great idea Christina

  14. That is a great idea Christina. Think they will be a popular addition to your new shop. Good luck and hope you enjoy your new PC! Kim x

  15. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have often wished to make cards with the diecuts you use!!! I guess you know where I am headed!! Thank you so much!!! hugs

  16. Hi Christina, I ordered two of them but once again I have searched for where to put my selection... Could you just mix them up for me!!! My absolute favorite is the oblong.. Thanks

  17. Brilliant idea Christina,


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