March 07, 2013

Thank you so much ...

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for all your lovely Birthday wishes yesterday.

I had a really good day... mainly working  on the new PC and trying to get it to play nicely.... which was not easy.

But today I am using it and everything seems to be OK ... for now.... Windows 8 is a whole new ball game.

I got the usual gifts of chocolates and I ended up with three bottles of red wine .... do you think that my family think I am a "lush" ???

And as well as the flowers from Griff I also had a gorgeous white Orchid from my eldest daughter.

 This is the gift that my youngest daughter bought for me and it is a beautiful silver name tag.

The meal out was delicious and all in all a very pleasant day ... and so now I am officially a "Fossil"

This is the latest photo of Isabella and it was taken on Sunday when her Nanny (my youngest daughter) and I  (great gran) took her to the park for a few hours.

We had a lovely time and Isabellas' squeals of delight where a joy to hear ... she certainly knows what a park is for.

This is her concentrating on keeping an empty yogurt pot on her head ... and it was clean I hasten to add.

So thank you again for all your thoughts, comments and best wishes.

The next major milestone for me  is  Card Making Magic will be four years old on the 12th March and I have a fantastic Give Away for you.... 

Hugs xx


  1. So glad you enjoyed your day Christina. x

  2. From one "fossil" to another... Welcome to the club Christina! LOL It's nice to hear you had a lovely day yesterday with lovely gifts but the most precious gift of all is your gorgeous little Great Granddaughter (I am sure the GREAT shouldn't be in there!) Looking forward to your next big event ... Card Making Magics 4th birthday (((HUGS))) xXx

  3. Glad to hear you had a great birthday. I recently got a new computer and windows 8 is a bit of a learning curve. Now that I have gotten onto it a bit more I like it. Just give it some time.

  4. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday, Christina!! What a sweet picture of Isabella!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Sounds as though you had a great birthday Christina. I dread to ask at what age you become a fossil - I could be way past it! Isabella looks a little cutie, I bet she's full of mischief. Pat x

  6. Glad you enjoyed your birthday! I have Windows 8 and it was a learning curve for me. Your great granddaughter is gorgeous. x

  7. So happy you had a super day and congratulations on becoming a 'fossil':) Beautiful orchid and a lovely necklace too. Your great grand daughter is beautiful and I bet you all had great fun at the park.
    Lynn x

  8. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday.
    Beautiful orchid plant and gorgeous necklace.
    your great granddaughter is a cutie


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