March 20, 2013

New Dies...

Hi Everybody,

Here are two cards using some of the new dies that I bought at the weekend.

 They feature the 5 x 7 Enchanted Labels 28 and it is quite a big die.

I have done it in two different colours and added in some of the smaller dies that I have.

The sentiments on both have been stamped and embossed and I have wrapped ribbon around the mats.

Easy cards to make and I love that die ... so intricate and yet looks very delicate.

The edges to the pink one have been rounded.

But this green one is going in the bin ....

 Look carefully at the white dots around the side .... they are not even on both sides and so it has to go. Ooooops !!

I may just take it apart and start again ... can't believe  my own stupidity ...  I must have been on another planet when I made this one.

In the centre panel I have added two of the pieces from the Damask Motifs as a frame behind the sentiment.

The swirly bits are from the Jewel Fantasies ... but have you noticed there are no flowers on either of them.

More cards tomorrow as I carry on playing with the dies.

Yesterday I had a comment left for me on YouTube by someone with an attitude problem.

They had watched  my Colour Class Reds tutorial where I have coloured the rose with an image from Just Inklined.

The person told me that I should learn to draw and not use other people images.....

I responded to the comment and I also added the story to Facebook .... and within a short space of time I had 59 people adding their own comment in support of ME ....

I cannot understand the thinking behind the comment as not every body can draw and so the best way to get a good result is to use a stamp, stencil or digital image and then enjoy the colouring in process.

If we did not use other peoples drawings then the artists that do the wonderful drawings would soon be out of business.

I would never be so rude as to leave a negative comment anywhere.  If I don't like the page that I am on or the video that is in front of me then I would just leave and find things that do interest me.

I was not angry or upset .... just baffled by the attitude.

Hugs xx


  1. Lovely cards Christina and I'm sure you'll be able to fix the green one, please don't bin it as its so pretty. I'm pleased you didn't let that sad person bother you honestly some people aren't happy unless they can upset others. I love all your cards and am working my way through your tutorials. The first one I saw was the spellbinders beginners where you recommended a set of dies and I've been hooked on everything you do ever since. I have nearly got them all now but I adapt what I have to try and get your look (hope you don't mind)

  2. H Christina what pretty cards. Please don't bin the green one its lovely and I'm sure you can fix it. I'm pleased you didn't let that sad person get to you it's just what they would have wanted. I wish I could have met you in Harrogate I had to give it a miss as my 2 granddaughters were staying. Love your tutorials and am working my way through them following your advice re spellbinders to start with just wish I could get them all together but I improvise I'm sure you'd be proud of my attempts Thanks for all your hard work much appreciated
    Love Viv xx

  3. Hi Christina,
    Some people are simply not nice in general and feel the need to spread their rudeness...or it's just plain jealousy. You have a God given talent that the rest of us so enjoy! You keep on creating Christina, and the sky's the limit!

  4. You know what they say Christina "There's nowt so queer as folk!" Very strange indeed. As you say, that is why the artists are doing their work, so we can do ours. I agree, I would never leave a negative comment because if we don't like it they have put a lot of time and effort into their work. Anyway, I love your new dies and the cards are great. I need a lot of practice with pearly dots because I'm pretty naff with them. I can rarely get them the same size! love from Christine x

  5. Lovely dies and lovely cards Christina It's great fun when you get a chance to "play" I got a load of goodies at the SECC but haven't had time to try them out yet :-( I've got that to look forward to.
    The person who left the negative comment obviously was trying to provoke a reaction because any decent person would've did what you did. Leave the page and find something that interests them xXx

  6. Hello Christine,
    Beautiful, stunning cards I love them. I do not have those Dies, I have just popped them on my Wish List. I see what you mean about the Green one. I would do as you suggested, take it apart and use the Die Cut bits. I do like the design of it though. We all do these silly things at some point.
    Oh! How awful to get a nasty comment, rest assured you certainly do not deserve that. There are some really SAD people out there that are to be pitied that they lead such terrible lives.
    Chin up and keep on creating all your beautiful creations.

    Patricia xxx

  7. You do amazing work Christina! Thank you for ALL you do! xx

  8. Both cards are so beautiful with these die's. Nice colors and sentiments to.

    Hugs Thea

  9. Hi Christina
    Nowt as queer as folk!!!
    Similar thing - one of DT's I,m on have had to change comment settings because of obscene comments what do people get from it? Sick or nasty or ill?

    Lovely cards and I love the green one. xxx

  10. Love these new dies you are using Christina, shame about the green one as the colour is lovely however the pink one is just gorgeous. I wouldn't criticize your 'wonky' pearls as I know that mine would all be wonky :) Hey ho there are some very sad people around and also many that don't listen - was that person aware that you were using a digi image? You hadn't drawn it? Or was that the point they were trying to make? No I can't draw that is why I use digi and stamp images! Poor sad souls.
    Lynn x

  11. Take no notice of the negative comment - some people have small lives. I love the dies you bought! x

  12. Beautiful card Christina - love the dies.

    The person who left the comment on Youtube merely showed that he/she was ignorant and totally without any manners. The sort of person best ignored.

  13. Oh My Christina, I love these new dies. I am so thankful that you share your cards with us. I had to LOL reading your post about the dots. Made me feel so much better as I had messed up on one the other day. It is still beautiful!!!
    How sad that others have nothing better to do than to say unkind things. I love the coloring you do.

  14. Both cards are absolutely gorgeous!! You showcased the new dies beautifully!! I can't believe someone would leave a comment like's really rude and mean-spirited. Ignore them, they are just jealous of your amazing talent!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  15. I love both of these cards. Very pretty. Perhaps English is not the person's first language and it just came out wrong...your work is awesome Christine.

  16. Two stunning cards - love the die cuts. Really can't see where the person who left the comment was coming from. Obviously not a crafter and had probably never heard of digi stamps or stamps before :-) You are fab and I love your tutorials!! TFS

  17. Your cards are beautiful, I love how you teamed the die-cuts. As for negative comments, you obviously done something 'right' which got up the other person's nose.... :-) No matter what, just remember people say things in a negative manner to make themselves feel better. Sadly, there are many out there like this...

  18. Beautiful cards!! Elegant and creative!!

  19. Christine don't trash the card...just make a double row of the dots on each side then it will look fine. Thanks for all the fun tips and cards.

    Ignore negative comments...probably some jealousy going on. You do great work.

  20. Hi i have just got this die but not used yet
    so it was nice to see your card today ,it is lovely but then as you no i like all your spellbinder cards.
    i kept looking out for you at Harrogate.
    Marion H

  21. Love the cards Christina, don't worry about the uneven dots I am sure you can put that right.It is comforting to know you make mistakes too, but I was always told to call them happy accidents! lol!!
    Don't worry about the negative comments, they are just jealous of your wonderful talent!

  22. Both beautiful cards.
    As you suggested; I would try and take it apart and redue it but otherwise I like the softness of the color.
    I was always taught; if you have nothing nice to say about someone then say nothing at all. That person was just probably not having a good day and had a severe chip on her shoulder.
    I love your cards so continue doing what you do best; giving us all great inspiration. You got my support. Sometimes I may not always make it here to post comment but doesn't mean that I don't admire your work.......just busy now that the weather is turning nice here in Texas.
    May you have a wonderful day, a better day tomorrow and have one fantastic weekend.

  23. Lovely cards Christina and, lets face you (like the rest of us) are human and therefore can make the occasional mistake - I know I do... frequently!! That's part and parcel of crafting, sometimes a 'mistake' can turn out to be a wonderful thing, other times it's not but we learn by our mistakes, and lets face it all it takes is for a slight distraction from what you're busy with and it can all go pear-shaped - ha ha! I'm sure you'll sort it out and, if the only solution is the bin then so be it - the next one will be perfect!

    As for people leaving negative comments - they're sad and to my mind just trying to get a reaction from you. Constructive criticism is acceptable (if from someone who knows what they're talking about!) but not sheer negativity, that's just plain nasty! My son is a fabulous artist/illustrator but he doesn't get this talent from me - I can draw - but it would take me forever to come up with something I'd feel happy enough to use for crafting/cardmaking etc therefore I use stamps and digital images as the people who produce them are much better at it than me and that's why they produce and sell their artwork to us crafters.

    Su x

  24. LOve your cards even the wonky one :O) just wanted to say ignore the bad comment hun it's not the first I have heard of, some people have nothing better to do than try to upset other people. Just imagine the stamp companies if we all started to learn to draw they would all be out of buisness. Oh my that would go down well and none of us would get half the cards made if we had to draw them as well :O)You have a great week and don't let someone with nothing better to do upset you. Guess she is just not a crafter.

  25. Crikey. Saying learn to draw your own image is like saying we can no longer stamp either! I love your work. Your card-making magic website was the first one I found and has been such a help to this newbie. Many thanks. As for the green card I love the colour! Such a pity it won't have a recipient at the end. I love the die you used - have added it to my wanted list.

  26. I really enjoy your website, and your tutorials are so helpful to me. I just began coloring, and the Spectrum Noir marker videos have been wonderful. I would never leave a negative comment and can't understand why someone would waste their own time doing so. Please keep sharing your talents with us!! I love to stamp, use my Cricuts, use my Spellbinders, etc. BethAnn M.


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