September 06, 2013

The Jus Cutz

Hi Everybody,

No card today but I waned to tell you about the new Jus Cutz die cutting machine that I have bought from Once Upon A Stamp

It is relatively new to the market and the mechanics of it are made from all metal ... so not much to break on this one.

It makes a lot of claims and only time will tell if it lives up to those claims but I have been working with mine for a few weeks now and it is really good.

 It comes in a number of trendy colours and I chose this Retro look for mine

The white knob underneath turns clockwise to suction the machine to your work top
 The cutting is performed by pressure from the rollers and the pressure is set by the slider on the machine.

You will need to move the slider depending on what it is you want to do ... cut, emboss the die or use an embossing folder.

Because the pressure is evenly distributed along the roller it is claimed to cut evenly every time ... but a little bit of advice ... buy the separate Metal Plate 

It is not supplied in the box but you will need it to cut the more intricate dies that you may have.

It  has the A4 cutting platform and that means all the Grand dies can be used.

And because of the larger mouth it will also take the thicker dies that you may have.

It will sit comfortably on your work top and looks very neat when closed,  and it opens out easily when you need to use it.

If you have one and would like to leave your own comment then please do.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. I am thinking of getting one so I will be looking in regularly to see how you get on with it. To me it was between the Jus Cutz and the E-bosser but I like the idea of variable pressure and that it is manual instead of electrical.

  2. Sounds interesting Christina. Is this the one that you wind the handle in reverse? Pat x

  3. I don't have one of these Christina, but I can only see one problem with it for me anyway. It has a turn handle, which I have problems with, so I don't think this one would be any use to me which is a shame. I did buy the eBosser, but it isn't all it is 'cracked' up to be and it also has limitations, I suppose like all machines etc, you never find this out until you get them. I hope your new toy keeps behaving and doing what it says on the box. Hugs, Jen xx
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  4. Hi Christina...I will look forward to seeing your thoughts on this many of my friends have had ones that have broken particularly the JOY and Grand Calibur...


  5. I was most interested in this machine until I Googled it and found a thread on UK Scrappers about it. There are lots of problems with this machine apparently. I'm just pleased you aren't having any of them Christina. xx

  6. Any updates on how you find the machine yet Christina as it has been a few months since you got it or have you gone back to using your Grans Caliber

  7. Any news as to how you are getting on with this machine or have you gone back to your grand calibur. It is very hard to get any reviews on this machine, please help us Christina

  8. I bought this machine and it's rubbish. broke down after 15minutes. I complained and asked for refund. he flatly refused and I had to return it. he said he would refund cost, but never has. The machine was worse after the repair and doesn't work at all. He ignored my emails and trading standards said to write recorded delivery letter. he's ignored that, so now I am taking him to court TS said it would cost £25. Wish I'd never heard of JU-cutz.. DON'T BUY THIS MACHINE IT'S RUBBISH. I borrowed an ebosser to do my son's wedding invitations ( that's why I bought the jus-cutz) and the ebosser is brilliant. when I get my money back I'll buy one. If more people stood up to Gordon Fraser he wouldn't be such a bully!!!

    1. I have this Machine and have never had a problem x


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