October 03, 2013

So Happy ...

Hi Everybody,

I was accused a some time ago of adding too much "Bling" to my cards ... and a lot of people came out to support me as they like the embellishments too.

But sometimes just that little bit extra can make all the difference to the finished card.

Take this card as an example .... I like it and it is far prettier in real life than here on a photo.

It has lace and a mixture of Wild Orchid Crafts  flowers that have been sparkled with Glamour Dust.

I even added in some Diamante around the sentiment from the stamp set  Mix and Match Sentiments from JustRite Stampers 

You can get this set cheaper on Amazon and it matches with some of the others in the range as the script is almost identical.

But there was something that was missing for me ....

... and so I added a beautiful border along the left hand side and then I was happy.

Just that small addition to fill the gap on that side completed the look for me and it is available from Want2Scrap
The inside is also decorated and I have used the Music embossing  folder from Crafters Companion  and now I am a happy bunny with the card

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Beautiful card Christina. A bit of bling does no harm is what I say! Lol! Christine xx

  2. "Too much bling"? That's a really unfair thing to say - YOU are the artist and the "right" amount of bling is what YOU want to use! The only exception is when it has to be something very specific - something commissioned, or maybe a sympathy card. Nobody has a right to dictate the rules of art.

    1. That's just what I wanted to say, except you did it better! ITA!

  3. Don't listen to them Christina, you can never have too much bling! I simply love all your creations so beautiful.

  4. I love your cards - they are so fresh and summery and (not all) feminine - so in my opinion just carry on the way you do we all need a little 'bling' in our lives so thanks Christine for bringing it in. Moira from South Africa

  5. another stunner Christina and im happy that your our friend.
    Marion H

  6. Too much bling? Didn't know there is such a thing!! Lovely card Christina, very pretty. Pat x

  7. Christine, you have no need to justify your style. If you only want CAS cards, don't go on a site with your title. You tell us up front. Personally, I love a mix. I wouldn't send your style of card to bu 90 year old father in law, but I certainly would to my girlfriends. And you are right, this one does look better with that extra border. (looked great before it too)
    Janice W

  8. I love all your cards especially the BLING!

  9. You can never have too much 'bling' on a card Christina. You always know by looking at it yourself whether or not the card is finished. I just love the cards that you do and it always has the best amount of 'bling'. Hugs, Jen xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  10. The right amount of anything is whatever pleases that persons eye We are all very different in this world and that's what makes us all so interesting It would be a boring pave of we were all the same Love this card xXx

  11. Hi

    you always make beautiful cards, do you have tutorials for the inside of the cards?

  12. Morning Christina,
    Jane has put it so well, I agree with her comments entirely. I love a bit of bling myself, sometimes less is more it depends on what the card is for.
    I love today's creation, stunning.

  13. so if they don't like bling they don't need to add it to their cards... I think it looks great Christina..xx

  14. Hi Christina. Love this card. I think it depends on who the card is for. Anyhow it is up to the designer!! I said before, you always get the right balance. hugs. Jan. x

  15. fabulous, don't take any notice of the bling haters lol

  16. I can't believe people tell you that you use too much bling, I never go to a blog that the cards only have two embellishments on them and no pattern paper and tell them they don't have enough on their cards.... you do such beautiful work and I love that extra border, it balances off your lovely flowers!

  17. I totally agree with Jane you make them how you like them and I love them x
    Viv x

  18. Is there such a thing as too much bling? Gorgeous card x


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