April 26, 2014

Previous students of The Art Studio ...

Hi Everybody,

This is important for previous students of The Art Studio ...
so please read it carefully 

Some time ago I had to tell you the The Art Studio was closing down.    As this was the website that was offering my videos for sale it was quite a shock ...  I can tell you...  but it was something that I had no control over as it was not my website

So that other people would not buy any more videos from the  TAS   website I removed their  button from my side bar.   And I had to try and find a means to store the videos so that they could still be offered for sale as there is now no access to their pages

Over the last few weeks  Griff and I have been  re editing the tutorials  and moving them  somewhere else so that I have control over them and this has been a  major task and learning  curve all over again ....  I am pleased to say that it is now partially completed ...  but for now I have only been able to move the Spellbinders  Classes. 

I have asked for a list from   TAS of the students  that have already  purchased the  classes but as yet  I have not received one ...  and this leaves me with a big  dilemma. 

The classes were  sold on an  unlimited service with access  to the  videos  24/7  but  I have very limited knowledge  as to who has  purchased what.

So can I ask you please to let me know if you where one of the people who bought a class before
The Art Studio closed  down.

If you can email me ... christina@card-making-magic.com ... with any receipts that you had for the purchase ...  which class it was that you bought and when ...  and your full name and the customer number that you were given at the time ... then all this will help me to find you.

Together we can sort this out but it is in the early stages yet and so I ask that you be patient with me until all the glitches are sorted out ..... Thank you !

Hugs xx


  1. Wow , sounds like this created so much extra work for you Christina along with disappointment, so sorry this happened and I hope you get it all sorted, it had to be stressful. hugs

  2. Sorry this has happened to you Christina. I bought the first two classes but I don;t have any receipts and I can't find any e mails either :(

  3. I have sent you the ID details for 2 of the classes Christina, but not to worry if you cant sort it..we still have your fabulous site!


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