April 29, 2014

The Coronation Street Tour ...

Hi Everybody,

What a good day out we have had and the weather has been glorious.

Griff and I both took pictures and here are some to show you what was there.... they will bring back memories especially for those who used to live in England ... and maybe in the North West.

Here is my "Film Crew" outside the Rovers Return and as always with trusty camera in hand ...

We saw the inside of the bar as a separate scene but you are not allowed to take photos inside   ... only of the actual street
So here is the front of the pub in all it's glory.

It seemed really strange to be sitting in the one of the booths in the Rovers and see where all the filming has been done for years.

But of course the whole set has now been re built in another location.

So this tour of the old studios is only available for the next few months and then it will be gone .... forever.

 Here is the Kabin where Rita and Norris work and the window is full of really old fashioned stuff.

You can't actually go inside these buildings but there are areas that you can get to round the back of some of the houses.

Kevin and Tyrones garage is full of graffiti and looks really small.

It is right next door to  the factory called Underworld.

And of course Gails house has to share the same area at the front.

One of the sets we saw was the inside of her house and that too is really small.
Roy's Rolls where poor Hayley has just died.... and there was her flowery coffin on display on one of  the sets inside.

And if you watched those episodes of Hayley I bet you cried ... I know I did ... but behind the cushion so Griff  couldn't see me.

And last but not least here is me outside Audreys Hair dressers shop waiting to get my hair done .... but she wasn't there today !!

All in all a really good day and then home for a salad tea and to find that the postman had left me ...  lots of lovely new Sue Wilson dies.

So I guess that after my Card Class with my two lovely ladies tomorrow ... I shall be busy for the rest of the week playing with dies.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. you must have had a fab time the street looks very empty though xxxx

  2. Hi Christina looks like you both had a great time, its somewhere I've always fancied visiting but probably never will. If I'm not home it's always recorded.

  3. Hi Christina

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. If it's going soon, I probably won't get to see it. So it's nice to see your pics.

  4. Hi Christina glad you both had a good time on the cobbles ,I wend to the Emerdale. Set a few years ago but didn't meet any of the cast but enjoyable. Hugs Lynda Brock xx

  5. So glad that you had good weather and a good time...
    thanks for sharing your pictures with us

  6. It must have been an enjoyable day and you probably thought you'd see the characters walk out a door at any moment.

  7. I went there a good few years ago, i loved it, and yes its soooooooo small inside the rooms even inside the pub! glad you had a great day :-) x

  8. Looks like you and your film crew had a lovely day, Christina. I was born in Manchester, but left when I was 16 to live in Australia. We do have Coronation Street on TV here though. Sue.

  9. I nearly missed your day out Christina, It all looks good ,so pleased you had an enjoyable day .
    Elaine H X

  10. I bet you did have a super day out Christina....I am not a Corrie fan...but lovely for those who are. I would love to have a go with all those Sue Wilson dies, the next thing on my wish list.....look forward to seeing those creations.....luv Ursula xx

  11. This past weekend I found my 20+ years old photos of me taking the same tour. So glad you had fun! xxx

  12. Lovely pictures Christina, thank you for sharing. Glad you had a grand time. Looking forward to seeing what works of art you come up with your new dies.

  13. Love your photo's of that famous street, glad you had a great time. That's one street I would of loved to visit but never did. I'm not as keen on corrie as I was back in the early years, the story lines aren't as good now a days. Thanks for sharing you lovely pic's. xxx


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