April 28, 2014

Tibetan Silver ....

Hi Everybody,

Do you remember me telling you that I had ordered a lot of Tibetan Silver from China to make my hatpins with ???

Well here it is and if you look carefully at the label you can see that I got stung by the Customs charge ... and had to pay another £28 on top of the cost of the items and postage.

I was not a happy bunny I can tell you.
Once the box was opened this is what I have and it was like Aladdins Cave.

Silver filigree beads and bead caps and spacers and pearl beads .... Oh it was fabulous.

So of course I just had to have a play with it all and see what goes with what.

The pins I used for this are 4 1/2 inches and they are from The Sparkles Group  and they are complete with end protectors.

These are just an idea of what I can make and they look really pretty.

In the box was also some beautiful glass beads as well as the pearl ones.

I am going to really enjoy making these hatpins up into lovely collections for my Etsy Shop.

There is one more box on its way and I just hope the customs man keeps his charges to himself on the next one.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina,
    Wow it must have been like Christmas........except for the customs charge... when you opened the parcel to reveal all those pretty beads.Your pins are gorgeous and how lovely to show them off in that cute little boot. Hope your other parcel arrives soon and without any charge.

    Love Sheila xx

  2. what a lot of very nice things for you!! lovely pins you have make.

  3. Hi Christina,
    Wow, no wonder that hurt having to pay an extra £28 but having said that the end result will be spectacular if the four you have shown are anything to go by. Happy making and enjoy.
    Love and best wishes
    Jenny C xx

  4. Morning Christina,
    Poor you having to pay out £28 makes your beads so much more expensive. Bet you will enjoy playing with them.

  5. I got caught like that once on a delivery from USA. The dies ended up costing more than if I had bought them over here! Lovely selection of goodies you have there Christina, I'm sure you will be making literally hundreds of hatpins with them! Pat x

  6. oh my goodness, I can understand your delight, I would be playing for hours with them... time methinks to order some more.... have fun xx

  7. Hi Christina,Wow you will have a great time,thank
    You for all the inspiration ,and all the tutorial you do,your cards and pins are fantastic

  8. Hi Christina. Wow you are going to have some fun with all those lovely goodies.
    Customs take out the fun when we shop abroad, so I do not any more!!
    Have a great week. Hugs. Jan. xx

  9. Your make such beautiful things. Can't wait to see more of what you create!

  10. These are so pretty...and I know you'll be making more too...love it...

  11. Sorry to hear about the extra shipping costs. It does look like a treasure chest of goodies to play with. Love your Gorgeous Hat pins! Could you be so kind as to list everything you used to make them and also the links to buy them if you can. I'm not sure which pins and beads you used.. I'm a visual person lol and I would love to make some for my cards and hats.

  12. Oh they are beautiful Christina, I look forward to seeing more, I also make decorative pins and love it....luv Ursula xx

  13. They lovely Christina, sorry u got stung it happened to us once we used to by air plants from America it was ok for first too orders but the 3rd one customs got us we never bought them any more from there xxx

  14. How fab!! I'm so excited for you Christina. Know what you mean though about the customs charge. My lovely sister in law sent me a whole stash of crafting goodies from Canada as a surprise. Well I can tell you I was well surprised as I had to any customs £28 to receive the parcel. I wonder if they're saving up for something special as they seem to like charging that amount. Can't wait to see your pins (the craft one's, I don't mean your legs! lol)

  15. So sort to hear that you had extra customs duty to pay but the main thing is they did arrive! They look absolutely stunning not at all surprised you had to have a little 'play'
    Margaret corgi owner

  16. Christina, you must have been totally gutted with that, but hopefully, that was short lived once you opened the parcel! Those beads looks absolutely fabulous! LOVE the pins you have already made up with them and how lovely they look displayed in that boot! Very artistic! Can't wait to see how you use them! Hugs, Karen xxc

  17. Wow, lots of lovely goodies you have there, Christina and more to come. Your hat pins are just delightful. 28 pounds is a bit steep for a customs charge. Enjoy playing with your beads. Sue

  18. So sorry you got stung... Not even one you could sooth with salve... But WOW!!! Look at all the wonderful new items to play with. What a wonderful load to make such gorgeous pins with. Have fun playing with it all.
    xo Nana April

  19. Hi Christina, I was just thinking about that customs charge.....maybe they think you can afford to pay extra now that you have made a name for yourself with Card Making Magic....LOL....just joking.

  20. Ohhhhh; what fun for you to open the packages. Sorry to hear you had to pay extra but you cards will be gorgeous when you finish them. Dianne


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