April 15, 2014

Who owns the card ....

Hi Everybody,

As promised here is the name of the winner of last weeks Friday Freebie ... sorry for the delay but I have been gallivanting around the country.  I have left it until today as I didn't want to get the monthly prize mixed up with the free card.

So the new owner of the card is Lynda Brock  you need to email  me  ... christina@card-making-magic.com ...
with your postal address and I will get the card in the post to you immediately. 

 So while wandering in and out of the shops in Chester I just had to see what Primark had to offer in the "Bling" line

This is what I came up with and it is an amazing collection that cost me very little for the items I got.

They are all elasticated bracelets with lovely enameled patterns on the tops and they will look really good in the centre of a flower or bow.
And once they have been taken apart this is what I have.

As I use them on a project I will tell you it is a Primark bracelet and show you a close up of the item used.

But they are really pretty and they are metal and not plastic so they won't look cheap and nasty on my work.

And on my return home there are three new Spellbinders dies waiting on my door mat just calling for  me to play

So over the next few days I will add some cards and I will list the dies  so that you can see what they look  like.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Ooooo!! a lady after my own heart. I love doing exactly what you have done.
    My hubby always panics when he sees me buying "junk jewellery" till I tell him it will be dissected!!!
    Happy crafting

    Patricia x

  2. These are fabulous embellishments and a great idea. Might just have to have a visit


  3. What great finds Christina and what lovely embellishments they will make...


  4. Morning Christina,
    Love your sparkly gems, what a good, lots of flower centers. Well done to Lynda, lucky lady.

  5. wow, I must take a trip to primark!!!! thanks for the tip christina, have a good day x

  6. Congratulations Linda on winning the card. You really manage to get some bargains Christina, look forward to seeing your new die creations.

  7. they look lovely never thought of going in there for those ,might have to have a look ,as i hardly ever shop there anymore xxx

  8. This is the sort of thing I do Christina, saves a fortune and get some lovely embellishments too, xxx

  9. Hi Christina

    Wow wow wow. Thanks for sharing this tip. Would never have thought of using primark bracelets on cards.

  10. Thanks Christina we don't have a primark in Australia but i'm sure we have something similar so I will be on the lookout for bracelets what a clever idea for bling.

  11. Lucky Lynda, well done you. Great idea with the elasticated bracelets, I'm always on the look out for them since you last told us about this idea. Pat x

  12. Hi Christina, good to see you back. Congrats to Lynda for winning the card.
    I love the idea of Primark bracelets, I hear Primark calling me to go and pick out a few.
    Have a good day and enjoy your new Spellbinders
    Sue xx

  13. Such a good idea, will take up bling shopping!!

  14. Hi Christina,
    Oh I must remember to go in Primark on my next visit to Chester...that's a grat selection you have bought.
    Congratulations to Lynda.

    Love Sheila xx

  15. Congratulations, Lynda!

    And thank you, Christina, for sharing this great tip! what a great idea!

    love Mags B x

  16. Congratulations Lynda. Christina I am glad that I am not the only one who buys "junk jewellery", I have a shop where I buy their broken items very cheap and break it down further to use on my cards, although I do wish we had a Primark here in Australia my daughter was obsessed with them on our last trip back "home", thanks to my cousin who introduced us to the world of Primark.

  17. Congratulations Lynda. Christina I wish we had Primark here in Australia as my daughter is obsessed with their clothes, thanks to my cousin introducing her to it on our last trip "home". I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses jewellery on cards, I have a shop where I buy "broken" jewellery very cheap and break it down even further to use. a lot of it is diamante things so I get plenty of use out of it.

  18. Lovely to see the pictures of Chester. It's over 25 years since I was last there. I love the old Roman towns.My favourite is York.
    Nothing like that here in Australia.

  19. Can hardly wait to see the new spellbinders and what your magic will do with them. With the new bling and new die I know we are in for a treat. Thanks so much for sharing.

  20. You really do have some fantastic ideas, just wait for the next shopping trip with my daughter!
    Many congratulations Linda very well done, something to treasure.
    Margaret corgi owner

  21. This is fabo, I think us crafters all see the same, I do the same thing and then pull it apart and use it as and when I see fit. A super duper collection you have here Christina.....Glad you had a lovely weekend in Chester...also congrats to Lynda Brock, lovely card she won.....luv Ursula xx

  22. Hi Christina
    congrats to Lynda, looking forward to seeing your creations .
    Elaine H x

  23. Congratulations Linda, what a bargain you had Christina I'm off to Primark tomorrow lol.

  24. Hi Christina thank you Wow I can't believe I won a beautiful Christina original card, thank you all for your congratulations.
    I love all the bling you got from the Primark bracelets a great idea
    Love & Hugs Lynda Brock xx

  25. Congratulations Lynda, you have yourself a beautiful card. Looks like you picked up some lovely embellishments for your cards Christina.

  26. Oh they're beautiful,what a great find Christina! Looking forward to seeing how you use them.Hugs,Ann

  27. I've also broken jewellery into pieces and used them on cards and scrapbooks! I call it recycling!


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