September 14, 2014

All sold out ...

Hi Everybody,

I have had a lovely weekend ... doing the unexpected shows with the Grand Calibur  on Friday ... meeting up with some friends on Friday night .... doing the workshop on Saturday ... and then doing another show today on Create and Craft ... and having a complete sell out of the Grand Calibur.

I can't tell you how  pleased I am and  tomorrow I am going home a day earlier than expected.

I have a lot of   samples to make for an  up coming  show with  Spellbinders on the 26th with some beautiful new dies and I really hope you will join me then

So today with some free time we went for a wander around Peterborough and one of the places we visited was the Cathedral ... and it was lovely.

The atmosphere was enhanced by the organ music that was being played as we walked around and I really enjoyed the day.

On the way to the Cathedral there are water fountains that spring up intermittently in the large square.

I spotted this pigeon taking advantage of the unexpected shower that came his way and he reveled in the water spray.

It was lovely to watch his antics as he splashed in the water on a lovely warm day.

Now tomorrow I head for home and I will be back to adding some new cards to the blog pages ... and posting off the card to the Friday Freebie for last week.

If you bought your Grand Calibur  from the shows that I have done then thank you so much from myself and Spellbinders

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina well done on your show I watched on my ipad as we are away for the weekend and couldn't get a reception. I did email in but there was that much on the show they mustn't have had the time to read any out. I love Deane he is very unpredictable and I bet he's a great laugh. Once again a thoroughly enjoyable show well done to you and your team. Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  2. Christina,
    Watched the show...Dean looked rather dapper in the suit. You did a grand job, Sunday, and I hope you feel proud there was a sellout. Love the pictures, the Cathedral is amazing, love the old architecture. So glad you had a lovely time, and I can't wait to see the new cards.

  3. So pleased you had a grand weekend, and got some me time Christina, looking forward to the 26th .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  4. Your shows were great Christina , glad you had a good time,

  5. Great shows Christina. I'll be on holiday when you do your next shows so I'll have to catch up on your blog. Pat x

  6. Morning Christina,
    Enjoyed your shows. Your photos are great.

  7. Well done Christina - glad you found some time to relax! xx

  8. I had a lovely time yesterday watching you on the shows Christina, I saw such beautiful cards and got lots of ideas, and also lots of ideas on how to spend my money, LOL. Wishing we had something like that here in the US, but I am happy to be able to watch here anyway. Great job!

  9. Glad that you had a great day on the show and visiting....
    Looking forward in seeing your new cards...

  10. Hi Christina,
    More great shows you are doing wonderful so pleased to know you are finding some 'you time' and enjoying yourself too. You really are proving a great asset for Spellbinders well done, delighted for you.
    Margaret corgi owner

  11. Hi Christina.So glad you enjoyed doing the shows,I love your pics! Love Ann.x

  12. Really enjoyed watching you Christina . Good job I can watch it on my computer! Too bad we are 5 hours behind you so I can't enter the draw! Love your photos also- thanks for sharing😊

  13. Look forward to the next have done amazing...a real natural...luv Ursula xx


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