September 30, 2014

Wednesday Card Class

Hi Everybody,

You may remember that I told you  at the end of one class  my ladies had created a shaving foam background ready to be made into a card at the next class ...

Well here they are from last Wednesdays Class

This first one is Marys' and it is in lovely shade of lemon and peach from the Spectrum Noir refills

We have glittered the both background panels with Glitter Magic  and they look so sparkly.

Mary  has teamed hers with peach ribbon and layered it with peach card and  added in some lovely peach and orange flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts   and it looks fantastic.

Brenda has gone for purple and green with a hint of pink  and then sparkled the background in the same way

Her card has been teamed with white ribbon from  Mei Flower

Her choice of  WOC flowers is  lilacs and purples and it looks very opulent and the white panel is  embossed

Both have the addition of Hatpins pushed into the bows and I am so pleased with both cards ... and so are they

 Well done ladies you're doing great !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. The ladies should be very pleased with their creations they are beautiful xx

  2. Hi Christina
    Such lovely cards your ladies have made. What lucky ladies they are to be able to have a craft lesson with you.

  3. Well done again Ladies two beautiful cards ,you must be very pleased .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  4. Two lovely cards from your ladies very pretty colours both equally stunning


  5. Two beautiful cards, I applaud you ladies,

  6. Wow! Awesome! This is something which I want try after seeing your tutorials. Mary and Brenda - superb! hats off!

  7. stunning cards ,I am very envious ,wish I could join them.
    you had better be careful they might pinch your job.

    Marion H

  8. Morning Christina,
    Two lovely card, well done to them both.

  9. Your students do you proud! Great job, Ladies. BethAnn M.

  10. Have thought about this technique for quite a while, must really buy some shaving foam and give it a try, looks very interesting....lovely cards Mary and Brenda, you will be 'dab hands' at it just now !!! But, there again you have wonderful teacher!!! Luv Ursula xx

  11. Fantastic cards ladies ... both of them! I would not be able to choose, if asked, a favourite! You have a wonderful teacher and you both have done her proud! I wish I were so lucky to have Christina as a "one on one" teacher, BUT ... she is doing a great job for me with all her wonderful videos ... so I am very lucky in that way, as a great many of us are! So ..... a big thank you to Christina, for all the time and effort you put in to those great tutorials both written and filmed! I would not be able to make the cards that I do if not for you!
    Karen xx

  12. Hi Christina two beautiful cards by your Wednesday Girls. Beryl xx

  13. Hi Christina I was wondering where you get your hat pins from. I have been looking on eBay a lot but only find the really long 6" hat pins and I would like some smaller ones that are 4" also but I can't find them for sale anywhere on the Internet. Please help me?!?!?!

  14. lovely work Brenda and Mary. Very inspiring.

  15. Yes, they did awesome on their cards....
    I love the technique of the shaving never know what will turned outn but they make beautiful background...
    Well done and thanks for sharing their cards...

  16. Excellent cards, would be very hard to choose which one I would like best. Well done ladies. I think I might give the shaving cream background a try. Dianne

  17. Both beautiful cards ladies. Love the colors you used on each of your cards. Bravo.

  18. These are really some beautiful cards, Ladies. You are lucky to have such a great hands on teacher. Love the colors that you choose also.

  19. They're both gorgeous cards,well done Mary & Brenda,and well done teacher too! Those hatpins really do add such a note of luxury to both cards :-)

  20. Hi Christina, the girls are just getting better and better with every lesson aren't they...are you sure you wouldn't like to relocate down here to Cornwall :). I haven't tried this yet but I have the shaving foam, I have some adirondack ink and I have the card...all I need is a suitable container...I think this calls for a visit to Poundland in the near future so that I can play and hopefully get some nice results. x

  21. These are both lovely, great color combo's on each!

  22. Mary & Brenda I hope you are both 'happy dancing' because of the beautiful cards you are producing. I'd love to know how you feel when you've put the final touches to yet another fabulous card. Would 'amazed' cover it? You are a credit to Christina who must be deeelighted and proud as punch of your progress.
    I'd love you Christina to win an award for your dedication to the art of card-making and generously sharing your tips and techniques with all and sundry. You must have NO secrets left. Bless you. Mary Mac x

  23. These cards are simply beautiful
    Kind regards
    Anne owens (liverpool)

  24. Christina,
    What amazing cards your students are turning out...thanks to a great teacher.


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