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September 21, 2014

Man Card ??

Hi Everybody,

Every so often we are asked to make cards for a man and if you are like me with all the frilly stuff then it is not a task you relish

But Spellbinders have brought out some dies that can maybe help you with that style of card and they are part of the Trendy and Simple Collection

This particular one is called Glass Effects   and it is very abstract.   I am showing you two cards and how not to waste anything from your card

For this card I have used blue Adorable Scorable and teamed it with white.

I have cut the die out just as it is but I have removed the main part of it very carefully so that all the small pieces stay in place in the die.  (Keep this safe for the next card)

Then I covered all the pieces with some double sided adhesive sheet.  Remove the backing from one side only and pressed it on to the pieces.

I made sure that they are all stuck to the  sheet ... then again carefully remove it  from the die with all the pieces now stuck to it

In between all the small pieces I have added some really silvery glitter and pressed it onto all the sticky lines ... then all you need to do is layer it up and add it to your card front.

The word is cut from Sentiments 5 and hey presto a card suitable for a man.

This second card is using the die cut itself  and layering it with the blue card and some black glitter card

I have added in a Conversation Bubble 1  and added in the word from Sentiments 3

And there you have two cards and nothing is wasted and both manly enough to give ... to a man !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. very clever i really want to try this myself

  2. Morning Christina,
    Two great man cards.

  3. Both cards have come out well. Man cards are the ones that give the most trouble

  4. Hi Christina
    Two stunning man cards today. Thanks for showing us how this was done. We really need more dies that are suitable for men. Congratulations to Mary Mac.

  5. Hi Christina
    Both are brilliant cards and really look effective. Will have to give it a try. Thanks for all your inspiration.
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  6. Good samples... but I still like 'the frilly'!

  7. Hi Christina great cards for men, a bit too complicated for me though.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  8. Christina, this card is so different from your usual offerings I thought I was on the wrong blog for a minute (just kidding). You have done a great job transitioning from "flowers, ribbons and pearls" to a more abstract, masculine card.

  9. Very unusual but what a wonderful idea, I too struggle with cards for men....luv Ursula xx

  10. What a great idea, two lovely Man cards Christina .
    Elaine H X

  11. Two great ideas for manly cards, thanks Christina, love it.

  12. Hi Christina
    Two great male cards fabulous, as they are so very difficult to make and get that classy style and these two really fit the bill.
    Margaret corgi owner

  13. Hi Christina, I like these two cards today as you say ideal for male cards. Shame we have to wait for the dies Beryl xx

  14. I love these cards but I do have to admit that when someone talks about keeping pieces in the die to use later, i get totally confused. I was reading another blog yesterday about the same kind of thing and I couldn't get my head around it lol...I think I need some hard core lessons xx

  15. Nice looking male cards, we all need cards for men at times. BUT I prefer doing flowery, frilly pretty cards. Thanks for sharing. Dianne

  16. Very different and very cool. I am not a man but I would enjoy receiving cards like these. Guess they are uni-gender.

  17. Very different cards Christina! I rather like to make masculine cards as a change from all the pretty,girly kind!

  18. Both cards turned out really nice.....
    Well done Christina

  19. These I would consider making for the men in my life! Trust Spellbinders to come up with these simple (looking) but stylish dies and trust you to come up with the design. Very much of less is more in this case, you have captured it perfectly! Well done. x

  20. Christina,
    Those are great man cards. I hope you do a video on this sounds a wee bit complicated, but you always make everything look so easy. I can also see this using Copic colored vellum for a stained glass effect.

  21. Are these dies available now and are the labels 39-41 available.


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