September 06, 2014

The Blue Card ...

Hi Everybody,

Here we are again with a winner to announce ... but before I do I want to say "Thank You"  to everybody who takes the time to enter these little competitions for the chance to win one of my cards.

It is very much appreciated and it is my pleasure to make them and send them out to the winners wherever they live.

The cards have gone very far afield  and I really hope that you like the card that becomes yours.

So the draw is done and the winner of the blue card is ....

Blue Rose ...

If you can email me
with your postal address then the card will be on its way to you 

Please let me know when you get it and I hope you will like it.

More later ...

Hugs xx


  1. Congratulations Blue Rose, enjoy your card.

  2. congratulations Blue Rose.......have a good day everyone x

  3. Congratulations to Blue rose something for you to treasure
    Margaret corgi owner

  4. Huge Congratulations to Blue rose ......Enjoy !

  5. Well done Blue Rose hope I will be lucky next time.
    Kind regards.
    Anne Owens

  6. Congratulations to Lucky Blue Rose. This would seem like an appropriate card to win!!

  7. Congrats Blue Rose for winning one of Christina's card...enjoy it

    I just received one of Christina's card and I framed I can have for many years
    Thank you Christina

  8. Congratulations, Blue Rose. That is such a beautiful card.

  9. Christina,
    I could not believe it when I saw my name, yelled to no end, and a blue card to boot, what more can a girl ask for. Thank you Christina for your work of art, and thank your film crew for picking my name. Thank you ladies for the congrats, I will cherish this forever.

  10. Am pleased for you Blue Rose, enjoy.

  11. Congrats Blue Rose, what a lovely card you have for yourself. A Christina original!

    Sue (Australia)

  12. Congrats...beautiful card on its way to you...luv Ursula xx

  13. Many Congratulations to Blue Rose, for winning the BLUE card lol, seriously, well done, and enjoy!
    Karen xx


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