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July 08, 2015

British Grand Prix ...

Hi Everybody,

Thank you so much for all your good wishes for a really pleasant day out for us

We went to see the Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday and it was fabulous.

There was a little rain towards the end but it did nothing to dampen the atmosphere

The race was exciting from start to finish and Lewis Hamilton won and the crowd went wild

Griff chose the seats well and we were right opposite the new Pit lane.

This was the view we had of all the action as they lined up the cars on the grid and a perfect view of the lights calling them to action and then they were off.

We went a few years ago and it was really noisy but this time with the modifications that have been made to the cars it wasn't too bad.

Over the course of the weekend it was said that 250,000 people had visited Silverstone and the audience for the actual race was 175,000

Some crowd ... of very enthusiastic supporters all cheering for their individual drivers.

These are jut a very small portion of the people in part of the stand that we were in
During the day we had a parachute display team, a very noisy air display, a brass band and Alesha Dixon sang the National Anthem

There was food stalls everywhere and lots of places to buy F1 souvenirs.

Other races went ahead during the day,  it wasn't just F1,  and we watched some of them too.

Some famous faces included Jackie Stewart, Stirling Moss, Damon Hill, some of the Spice Girls and the usual faces that introduce the F1 on TV each time there is a race

 It was interesting to walk around and see other things and there was even fairground rides for the children.

This is the vehicle that holds the land speed record and it is very impressive and Griff was particularly interested in this

There was even a big red double decker bus that had been turned into a bar and that got really busy later on in the day.

So yes we had a really good weekend and it was good to get back home again yesterday.

I am glad that my blog posts have gone out as scheduled ... especially my Tuesday Tutorial

And today we have completed two videos that will be with you shortly.

Next weeks Tuesday Tutorial is a fun card that I hope you will enjoy.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Thanks for sharing your day out,sounds like you both had a great day, brought back some memories of getting Stirling Moss's autograph many years ago at car racing in Ireland, looking forward to your new videos
    Cheers kaye

  2. Good morning Christina. so pleased you had an enjoyable weekend together. Thank you for sharing it with us with the photo's. I am sure Grifff was in his element too.
    The cards and tutorial are so good thank you.
    Must go and watch the new video's.
    Have a lovely day.
    Dorothy xx

  3. Morning Christina,
    Glad you had a good weekend, and rewarded with a British winner. Looking forward to your new videos.

  4. thanks for sharing your weekend with us. glad you had a good time. it would have been very son is envious. look forward to your next card.xx

  5. Hi Christina
    I'm glad that uou had a good weekend. It was nice to see your pictures.

  6. Hi Christina, it is amazing living near the British GP. We lived in Buckingham a few years ago and lived the whole weekend. We could hear the cars and race day brought thousands of the rich and famous in their helicopters to-ing and fro-ing. It's a fabulous day out, if the weekend is too much noise. Excited about new videos. X Ros

  7. MORNING CHRISTINA.Glad you had a nice weekend filled with so much fun and excitement. Any way thanks for sharing this with us. Am anxiously awaiting your videos.

  8. So pleased to hear you had a great weekend and also pleased Lewis won on home ground. I do so look forward to seeing those videos and next weeks fun tutorial....luv Ursula xx

  9. Good Morning Christina :) Wow! Wow! and Awesome! I'm happy the noise was toned down enough that you could "enjoy" the race. The pictures are fabulous! Thank you soooo much for sharing. Have always loved the red double decker buses and the red telephone booths. They remind me of Harry Potter. Looking forward to your new videos. Glad you both are home safe and sound. Enjoy a lovely day. Big Hugs.

  10. Hi Christina
    So glad you both enjoyed your day out. Sounds like it was really good and fun as well. Your photos are good too. Thanks for sharing
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  11. Glad you and Griff had a good weekend, we watched it on television, great seeing Lewis Hamilton win.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  12. Hi Christina,
    what a fabulous week-end you had and tfs some photos. Only live about an hour away but have never been, yet :-) Take care,
    Maria x

  13. Hello Christina

    Glad you and Griff had a good weekend away. It will be nice for yous to remember this weekend in years to come. Look forward to tomorrows card from you.

    Best wishes
    Joan from Newcastle

  14. Happy that you both had a great time. Looking forward to seeing the video's xx

  15. F1 doesn't float my boat but I'm so pleased that you and Griff had such a good time. Pat x

  16. Sounds like a fund day. Dianne

  17. Thank you for the update. Looks like it was fun for all. I have never been to anything like that so glad you shared. Looking forward to next card.

  18. Happy you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the race. Looking forward to watching your next video.


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