July 04, 2015

This weeks Winner ...

Hi Everybody,

A rainy start here in the North West but hope fully it will brighten up later.  This is a short post today and both tomorrow and Mondays post are scheduled because once this post is done I am off to pack to go to Silverstone.

Tomorrow is the Formula One British Grand Prix  and there are two little seats with our names on them.  Griff is an avid F1 fan and I am going along just to keep him company you understand.  

We made a deal a long time ago that he supports me with cards and Harry Potter Films  and I support him with F1 and I have to go any Mission Impossible or James Bond films too
. Not a bad deal eh??

So on to todays winner and the name drawn this week is ...

Ramona Burns ...

Please email me 
with your postal address and the card will be on it's way to you
You have 48 hours to claim the card and then it is gone to someone else.

Have a good weekend wherever you are 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. congratulations Romona. a beautiful card to win. enjoy.

  2. Enjoy your weekend, hope the weather keeps up for you, cold and wet here in Melbourne
    cheers Kaye

  3. Morning Christina,
    well done to Romana. Hope you and Griff have a great weekdend, and we have a British winner.

  4. Good morning Christina

    Hope you and Griff have a smashing time at Silverstone. The weather here in the north east is very wet and dreary at the moment.

    Congratulations to Ramona on winning your card.

    Best wishes

  5. Hi Christina, congratulations to Ramona.

  6. Have a lovely weekend! Not a bad deal at all! Best wishes, Anne O

  7. Good morning Christina. Well done Ramona, you have won a beautiful card. Enjoy the formula one day. Have a great weekend.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  8. Have a great weekend both of you. It's a well deserved break. Wet but getting brighter near the NE coast xx

  9. Have a most wonderful weekend Christina, give Lewis Hamilton a wave from me and wish him luck...You and Griff just enjoy....I am 'green' !!!! Good luck to Ramona....beautiful card winging its way....luv Ursula xx

  10. Congratulations on winning this beautiful card.

  11. Good morning everyone. Thank you ladies for all the congratulations I am thrilled to have won such a beautiful card. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hi Ramona. Congratulations on your win! This is one of the BEST Christina Cards! It's just BEAUTIFUL! I know you will enjoy and treasure it for a long time!! Atta Girl and Well Done!! Enjoy your day.

    Good Morning Christina :) The Grand Prix eh… oh look… they're making a left hand turn…. oh look they are making another left hand turn… :) Oh well… bring ear plugs! Now Harry Potter I ADORE! Have all the books and read them umpteen times. Have all the movies and continuously watch them to this day. Have all the James Bond movies too! Love Them!! And yes… I'm even a Star Trek fan. Back in the day in my early twenties… they held the Grand Prix in Detroit, MI and I was a volunteer worker in the Grand Stands. All I can remember now is now is how noisy it was and that I would never do that again. I truly do hope you and Griff have a fab time. Be Safe in your travels. Enjoy yourselves. Big Hugs.

  13. Hi Christina
    Congrats to the winner. Enjoy the formula one.
    Jenny C xxx

  14. Congrats Ramona. Wonderful bargain you have with Griff, I think you will enjoy the F1 as much as him and what a wonderful chance to get away together. Dianne

  15. Congratulations Ramona!!
    Hope your trip with Griff is a fun one!! I know my hubby would be in heaven if he had a little seat with HIS name on it!!! Be safe and we will see you Tuesday!

  16. Congratulations Ramona! You will love your card from Christina.

  17. Congrats Ramona!!! Christina , you are Griff will have a great time. "Date time"!!!
    busy 4th of July here. Fun

  18. congratulations Ramona, you will love your card. Christinas cards are so pretty in the hand.


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