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July 14, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial - Fun Sun Card ...

Hi Everybody,

For todays tutorial I thought it would be good to have a little fun and create this card. So for this it is time to get out those border dies that I have featured in other tutorials.
I used them before in a much more elegant way and you will find a couple of really pretty ideas  ...  Scalloped Borders One
This card is very easy to do and the sentiment can be anything that reflects the occasion you are making the card for.

Spellbinders Supplies:

Fold an A4 piece of white card in half and then cut that in half to give you an A2 top folded card.
From the Spotty card create a slightly smaller layer. And from more white card create another layer that is slightly smaller than the spotty one

Take the white layer and stamp the sentiment of your choice towards the bottom of the card.
Emboss the card and then take one of the cutting edges of the Scalloped Borders and place it at an angle on the card with the curve facing to the top.

Tape the die in place on your card and run it through your die cutting machine ... there is no need to emboss the card again.   Re position the die and repeat the process twice more so that you have divided the card into four panels.  
You may need to trim these down a little to fit onto your colored layer but only along the straight edges.  Add foam tape to the back of these panels

Add a piece of double sided sheet to both sides of some Craft foam and cut out the word YOU 
From either colored card or some black cut the word again making sure that you have your card the correct way round to cut YOU 
Add the colored/black layer to the craft foam ready to add to your card

 Cut the Sun in yellow card from the Day Dreams set and once all the elements are prepared we can assemble the card.
Add the spotty card to the base ... layer on the scalloped pieces with the curves facing up to represent clouds and the foam tape gives some dimension to the clouds. 
 Tuck the sun in behind the third layer with your sentiment added and place the word YOU to blend in with the sentiment.

And there is really fun card to send to anyone for any occasion.


  1. lovely happy card and looks easy to do thanks for sharing it
    cheers Kaye

  2. Hi Christina, love this card! It's amazing what you can do with dies by using a bit of imagination. Janelle x

  3. A lovely Happy Card to brighten a dull morning Christina.
    Elaine H X

  4. Lovely, fun card & could be used for many occasions.


  5. Good morning Christina,
    Love your brilliant card and fantastic Tutorial.
    Watching and learning from a repeat Show on C&C you explain everything so well.
    Patricia x

  6. Bless you. I need to make a card tomorrow and this is a great idea for a fun card. . I have been busy babysitting. I also got to spend the weekend babysitting in Northern Oregon my 3 month old granddaughter and 3 year old granddaughter. Went to "Enchanted Forest" :) and it is do much fun to watch 3 year olds experience new things. Thanks for sharing with photos of your family. Fun. ~blessings

  7. Morning Christina,
    Great fun card, thank for the tutorial.
    Loved your photos from yesterday.

  8. Morning Christina

    Love how you have used the die to make segments for the card. A really good idea and nice card.


  9. Morning, Christina,
    What a wonderfully fun card for this week's tutorial. I love the effect created with the scallop border die, very fancy. x

  10. A great card for a young one or a young at heart!
    It was great to see you back on C and C yesterday Christina , I always enjoy your demos , you explain things so nicely.
    Have a good dayxxRuth

  11. Good Morning Christina :) Woman~ YOU are BRILLIANT! Love, Love, Love this idea and this card! I don't have a sun die, but you could certainly put a butterfly, airplane, bird or anything that flies on there. Thank you sooooo much for sharing and all the work you put into your tutorials. I knew you would be fab on C&C yesterday... and you were! Great shows! Well done. Enjoy a lovely creative day. Big Hugs.

  12. Hi Christina
    Lovely fun card. Have the scalloped border die so will have to have a go. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  13. Lovely card Christina, very different for you....thanks for the tutorial, another idea to add to the list....luv Ursula xx


  14. Clever use of the border dies and a really cute card.

  15. Hi Christina, lovely card and tutorial, watched your show it was really good emailed in but wasn't lucky enough to be read out. Was tempted to buy the Spellbinders teal machine. What a fabulous price it was. But my red machine still works perfectly.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  16. Another winner - I have border dies so thanks for the idea - Also - thanks to Donna - for suggesting Aeroplanes - my nephew will love that! Hug to both - Margaret xx

  17. I love the way you used a scallop border die to give the impression of clouds..very creative!

  18. Hi Christina
    Love the way you've used the scalloped die to give the illusion of clouds. Such a good idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. This is very different but cute, love this card. Dianne

  20. Lovely card today Christina. Thank you for the tutorial.

  21. Such a bright and cheery card. Thank you for the idea!

  22. A card full of brightness and sunshine.! It makes me smile and the tutorial is easy to follow.


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