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July 13, 2015

Trampoline Day ...

Hi Everybody,

We had a lot of fun on Saturday when the trampoline went up.

This is Griff and Jay (Isabellas Daddy) putting it all together

Of course Vickie and I supervised from a safe distance with coffee and cake on hand ...

Once it was up Vickie tested it out just to make sure it was safe with a whole lot giggling in the process.

And then Isabella arrived,  to stay at Nana Vickies house for the night,  She was in there straight away.

She loved it and showed us all the things a three year old can do in an eight foot trampoline.

This garden is beginning to look like a real playground as there is so much for her to do.
This is Isabella in the house that was another story I shared with you all a few weeks ago and the flowers in the little baskets have really blossomed.

Luckily the rain that was threatened held off and we had the chance to play for a few hours in the garden.

Then it was time for one of her favorite things and that is Play Doh

Isabella very kindly made us all something with the warning ...  "Don't ruin it ..."  I had a car, Vickie had a bus and Griff had a tractor.

Then when she wanted to do something else we had permission to roll it in to a ball and "ruin it"

For a three year old she has some quaint sayings that really make us laugh.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. HI Christina, thank you for sharing your lovely day, i must say Isabella looks so much like you .

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  2. A lot of fun for kids big and small, her house is looking good

  3. Wonderful pics Christina. She looks adorable. I only have 7 weeks now until Hollie comes out for a visit. xxx

  4. Isabella is a lovely little girl with a loving family. It is wonderful that you can all share wonderful days with her.

  5. Hi Christina what a beautiful adventure playground Isabella has I bet you all have so much fun with her. I know we do with our grandchildren.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing time with your little Isabella, one lucky little girl, but then grandchildren are so precious....I say enjoy it whilst they are small, they still want you involved in things they do !!!!......You appear to be one very close family, so lovely......luv Ursula xx

  7. Good Morning Christina :) You have such a wonderful and loving family. I love when you share stories and pictures about them and family activities. Isabella is such a little Princess. She's just adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed. Have fun on your C & C shows today. I'm sure you will be fabulous! Big Hugs.

  8. A very happy family. Christina- I would suggest you write down all the cute sayings Isabella comes out with before you forget them. She will grow up so quickly. I only wish I had made a note of all the laughs we had with our 2 grandchildren. (Now aged 23 and 20)! xx

  9. Hi Christina
    Lovely to see Isabella enjoying herself with all the family. I bet she keeps you all on your toes.

  10. Isabella is going to have so much fun on her trampoline...
    Two of my grand daughters has one and they are in it all the time...
    Such great time with the family...

  11. Hi Christina

    Isabella's house looks so good. She is a very lucky girl to have such a loving family. All the times you spend together will make precious memories.

    Best wishes

  12. Lovely photos Christina with Isabella enjoying her new trampoline.
    Love the little house you all made for her, it is so cute and so is she

  13. What a lovely day Christina. Thanks for sharing a wee peak into your family life. Dianne

  14. Lovely photos. Glad you all enjoyed your day.

  15. Hi Christina
    Looks like you all had a really lovely day. Glad you enjoyed playing with the adorable Isabella - she looks a lovely little girl.
    Love and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  16. Isabella is a very lucky girl!!! I bet she crafts, too. The Best Wishes card has a very good mix of greens and pinks. The Tuesday Tutorial card is just AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing your family world as well as your craft world with us.

  17. Looks like fun Christina, what a joyful little one. The flowers in the window boxes on the house look beautiful, what a dream house for a little girl. The little girl in me would love a house like that!


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